Switching to Type 1 Groups

It has been confirmed by antibody testing that I am a Type 1 and will be starting on my Metronics Minimed next week. During the second half of last year I lost 25 pounds (down to 100 libs) due to diabetes. I am looking forward to getting on a pump.

Awwa – I’m glad you’ve got a solid diagnosis. Now you can start to learn what you need for good control and maybe put back on some muscle, eh? I hope you’re cruising along and feeling better very soon.

Although I would always wish to hear the words “we made a mistake and you actually don’t have diabetes,” at least now you can get appropriate treatment. Of course I hope you know you were always one of us.

You may want to check out the LADA forum. Unfortunately, too many of us are misdiagnosed as T2 first until we ultimately get the GAD testing to find out we are T1. I think you will like the control that pumping offers. It has made insulin a lot more manageable for me.