I have had my T:Slim for about 3 weeks and love it. But in trying to use T:Connect all I can get is the Dashboard.
If I click on Reports a lll I get is the tabs at the top of the page for Trends etc. I am using a Mac Desktop with the latest version of Mavericks installed. Tech Support does not know what the problem is. We tried another Browser (Chrome) and had the same results.They have not tested Mavericks so they do not know if it is comparable or not. There is a newer operating system coming out this gal, so I must assume that will not be high on the list for testing.They did tell me that T:Connect does work on their Mac with Mavericks.

I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience with Mavericks and if you found a solution. Thank you for any help you can provide.

I know I can’t access the reports on my iPhone or iPad because you need adobe flash, so I assumed you couldn’t access on the Mac. I hope someone has a better answer because I would just love to be able to do this!

I have the same problem with Chrome. No problems with Firefox however, so you might wanna install yet another browser.

I had the same problem on my MAC Air running OSX Version 10.8.5. Only the tabs showed on the Reports page. Tandem Support had me go to the view menu and change the Zoom in/Zoom Out. That worked and I could see all of the reports on my screen. However, each time I go into T:Connect, I have to do the same "fix". Go figure!

That worked. Thank you so much.


After I called Tandem, and while still using the "workaround" in my original post, I got a call and an email back from Tandem Support telling me that they had fixed the problem with T:Connect on MAC's. Sure enough, it works fine now and I do not have to use the zoom in/zoom out to remedy the problem anymore. Thanks to Jake Berryhill at Tandem support for following through with this until the problem was solved and keeping me informed. GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT AGAIN!