T-Slim G6 Readings not showing on iphone app?

My son has been on T-Slim +G6 CGM for 2.5 months. For past 2 weeks we can’t get the iphone app to consistently maintain a signal connection and display his readings. Readings show up on the pump itself, but the data isn’t being transmitted to the iphone G6 app. I think the pump and the iphone are ‘fighting’ to be the main data hub. Either that or the G6 receiver battery life if dying (got a 21 days left msg today). Has anyone experienced this too?

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If you have not already, Try calling Dexcom Technical Support.

They may be able to walk you through various things to try.

This should work for you. We certainly do get some drop outs on the iPhone but not many. Although not positive, it seems to be worse when the iPhone battery is low maybe under 40% but I am unsure on that. In any event, it should not be so bad that you feel there is a problem.

Try Dexcom Technical Support.

No - the pump and phone should not be fighting for the connection. I assume you are NOT also trying to connect either the Dexcom Receiver or any other phone devices. The pump and the phone should definitely co-exist quite nicely together.

Oh - I just saw you did mention about the G6 Receiver. Sorry - I missed that.

So are you trying to connect all three devices? The X2 pump, the G6 Receiver and the iPhone all simultaneous to the G6 transmitter? Yes - This is a problem. Do NOT use the Dexcom Receiver while using the X2 pump to receive the cgm data. I am surprised you are even able to get the cgm data to display on the X2 and the G6 Receiver at the same time.

EDIT: Actually I think your post probably had a typo and in your last sentence you meant to say the G6 Transmitter battery is dying. (As the receiver battery dying makes no sense.) So my bad - I should have read what you intended. But the advice is still the same.


EDIT2: And the G6 Transmitter battery coming towards the end of its useful life should in no way cause communication drop outs. Call Dexcom Technical Support and ask for assistance.

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This is a good illustration about how easy it is for us to miscommunicate in a forum like this. People often use the incorrect term within the CGM family. They say sensor, for example, when they mean transmitter. I’ve had to correct this mistake when I’ve made it myself.

Tim, you did a good job of teasing out the intended meaning, a sometimes perilous exercise.

I think we could all do a better job of using diabetes terms in a clear way. There are certain standards that help keep confusion to a minimum. When expressing a insulin to carbohydrate ratio, it’s clearer to write is as I:C, not C:I. I’ve seen many posts where people express one unit of insulin covering 9 grams of carbs as 9:1, instead of the more standard 1:9. Please forgive this minor topic diversion. I think we can do better with this issue.

There was a iPhone update around two weeks, Have you tried rebooting your iPhone? Has helped me in the pass.

Thank you Tim for your thoughtful advice. Definitely meant low transmitter battery. I often confuse the names. I did finally get a hold of Dexcom tech support when everyone was home at same time (needed phone, pump, and child all with me for the call). Turns out the problem was hardware related. We recently switched phones and the factory refurbished iPhone 6 was malfunctioning. Nothing wrong with software or Dexcom equip. Thanks again!!