T-Slim Touch Screen Issues

Anyone else experience major scares with the touch screen at night or against their skin going off, either stopping the insulin or priming? I always lock the thing but somehow my boobs or hip bone seem to unlock it…hah, it’s the strangest thing and even wearing it facing out it happens at night as I roll around so I feel I’m up the creek no matter what.

Not understanding how it could get unlocked or do a quick bolus. Seems to be impossible if working correctly.

Must be faulty

How do you lock it? Are you sure it is really locked?

I have gotten into habit of locking after every menu usage, and works as expected.

Same question, how are you locking it. It is not locked until you see a blank (nothing lit-up at all) screen. If it is locked you should see only the 1 2 3 unlock screen when you turn it on.

@MM1 has the best suggestion, always lock it with the on/off button. I also have set a short Screen Timeout on my pump. I have it set at 60sec, after that the screen will lock itself.

I am a restless sleeper also, I know its a longshot but I have quick bolus turned off on my pump, just in case.

I will press the T button once, sometimes twice.

I always thought the screen was difficult to unlock. I’ve never done it accidentally. Half the time I need multiple attempts to do it PURPOSEFULLY.

What I get a lot are “boob bolus” attempts, where I forget to turn the screen off before tucking it back in my shirt and my skin accidentally hits the “bolus” button. They’re not coordinated enough to actually dial up a bolus, though. I just get the annoying “incomplete bolus” alert some time later.

When you say “at night”, are you talking about when you’re actually unconscious asleep, or just while restless in bed? The first one is concerning. It means you’re subconsciously pressing the silver button to wake the screen, hitting the 1-2-3 perfectly, and proceeding to trigger pump commands. You might have to enable the optional security pin (at least at night) if you’re actually doing that. I used to sleep walk really bad, so I know there’s no limit to the crazy things we can do while asleep. Of course, if it’s happening during the restless in bed hours, I would just chalk it up to another boob bolus attempt, like you woke the pump to check it and just forgot to turn off the screen.

Yea according to this it should be locked! I’ve had friends tell me the prime has happened at night as they rolled on it and it was not a good situation.

Pressing the silver on/off (silver T) button once will lock your pump. Pushing it twice will lock it then unlock it on the second push.

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I’ve had this happen to me a few times. When I lock it, I make sure the screen goes black before I stick it in my pocket.

I accidentally injected 8 units by priming it in my pocket when I didn’t lock it. You could add a pass code if you really want to be careful.

I have never had this issue but my pump is in a case I got from Tandem many years ago that was made by Myabetic. I love my case and as you can see, it is pretty beat up. I have begged both companies to make this case again but no luck. I just wear it on my belt or waist band. It came in brown or black. I like it especially at work where I am running into metal tables, shelves or shopping carts. And as I said, I have never had any issue with mystery button pushing happening when sleeping.

Oh My, it looks like that case has served you well. Years ago before smartphones I had a flip phone case that looked a lot lot like that, I have even used flip phone cases for my old Medtronic pump. One thing I always did was remove any magnetic closures and replace them with velcro.

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Yeah, my case is looking pretty bad. I think I might have to find someone who works with leather and see if they can make one. I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy a couple way back when I got this one. It really does protect the pump while working. I keep asking the two companies about it but keep getting the answer, there is nothing in the future to start making this again. Darn!

Worth a look maybe

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Sorry to do this, but this is a new question on this topic, not a reply to Elyssa.I can’t figure how to post under this subject…
I’ve returned two pumps that have had issues with touch screen not accepting my touch thus having to keep starting over procedure.
Anyone else having issues? The rubber tip on a stylus works when my finger doesn’t but who carries around such an instrument?

I find that touching under the spot you want works best. So put your finger under the 8 for an 8 but you can still see the 8

I remember that case! I almost bought it but thought it would be too cumbersome. I’m so glad you got it while you could!

So sorry! Praying you get the issue solved.

That’s a great idea! I’ll look up how to do it.

Pretty sure my boobs are the culprits at night when I turn and wake up, the pump is there. Apparently my pump is a perv. LOL

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This might be good for sleeping. It would probably be super annoying in my bra though. Great find…