To lock or not lock your pump keypad

Do you lock the keypad on your pump or no?

I never have… too time consuming for me, who wants to take this extra step? I do not use this feature on my cell phone either. Well, the other night my pump (MM515) was lodged in between my body and the bed. God only knows how but I had dialed up 10 units on the normal bolus setting. I was one ACT button away from getting a few extra units for the evening.

I think I will begin using this feature more often.

I have the normal bolus feature disabled, and use only the bolus wizard, but you now have made a very scary and valid point. As I sleep on my stomach, I think I am going to lock my pump keypad

I also use the bolus wizard. It would take a few button pushes to give bolus.

scary! i’ve never thought of doing that. I’m horrible for never locking my cell as well and i manage to pocket dial people a whole lot. Insulin however, is a bigger consequence haha.

Yup - I use the lock feature for sleeping, and if I put my pump in my back jeans pocket for that very reason.

I don’t use it but now I’m thinking of starting…maybe tonight!


I remember this fear occurring in my mind when I started pumping, and my pump trainer saying something along the lines of it being so very unlikely that you’d hit the right buttons at the right times, that I shouldn’t worry about that happening.

Ummm… D’oh.

Glad it didn’t hit that button one more time!

Living with a pump since 2001 …I need to do some researching as to what this really means …obviously Danny’s question has NEVER come up for me and I am here to tell, so I don’t know if it is scary or not …Not too old to learn though, ever …a great question Danny !!

A few months ago my pump just stopped working for no apparent reason and when I called minimed for a replacement they explained to me that if you hold any button down for three minutes or longer it will ruin your pump and you’ll have to get a new one, which is probably what happened to mine. Obviously I didn’t do this on purpose but it probably happened when it was in my pocket or while I was sleeping.
I still don’t lock my keypad though, I’m just really careful now :slight_smile:

I don’t lock mine either… I keep mine on my waistband, right in the middle… and I sleep on my side. So I’ve never really worried about it bolusing without my knowledge… But I think you might want to start locking it, or something :slight_smile:

I always assumed this feature was just for parents to lock it so that a child would not unknowingly give a bolus…

So I never even thought about it.

I noticed that the Minimed buttons are pushed more easily than my previous pump (Cozmo). I keep my pump in the case while sleeping (my favorite case logic cases that I am always raving about). So perhaps that reduces the likelihood of accidentally giving a bolus?

After reading another post today about an accidental insulin overdose delivered by a Minimed pump and the resultant death, your post makes me realize how vulnerable all of us pumpers are. Accidents do happen.

I wear an Animas Ping pump. I discovered that holding down both the up and down arrow buttons for a few seconds will lock all the pump buttons. It’s really easy to lock. Unlocking only requires holding down both arrow buttons again.

I think I’ll lock my pump at night starting tonight.

this is very weird. Last week in the middle of the night my pump alarm went NUTS. I mean, a harmony of beeps I’ve NEVER heard. I woke up and checked the pump and it was the “You’ve held a button down for 3 minutes straight” alarm. I just pressed the “esc” “act” like you do to dismiss any alarm and went back to sleep. Nothing bad happened. The idea of the pump basically “self-destructing” after 3 minutes seems a bit weird. wonder what would have happened if I were a heavier sleeper…

Nope, I’ve never even ventured into the advanced settings on my pump haha. Although, one weird thing I do at night is sleep ONLY on the side w/o my site, weird habit.

I got my bible /user guide out for the MM 522 and on page 117…I am with Kristen , thinking parents do this , so the kids will not play with the buttons . This sure will be a topic for our next pumpers meet up .
Maybe one of the good things , to have short tubing and less entanglement ?? …
No is my answer to your discussion , Danny .
I hope it never will be the case of : I told you …

I lock eric’s pump all the time. Little fingers like to explore, and pushing buttons is his specialty. one time I caught him when he was about to change his basal rate… ugh! Since then, always ALWAYS locked.

Hey Dave - thanks for mentioning this! I have a scratch on my Animas 2020 screen that I can’t quite figure out where it came from (I treat my pump like it’s a Mercedes). My hubby is in the aircraft business and says he “could” get it out with the products they use on the windows of the Challenger, but still, not sure if I want to do this. I did manage to get a screen cover at the IDF Congress in Montreal at the Animas booth - they didn’t say boo about replacing the pump - but I might give it a go - as paint is flaking off the whole pump as well (have had pump almost 2 years now - have 2 more years left on warranty). I did just experience a weird thing during my holidays, of removing my lithum battery as it needed to be changed, to find this guck coming out of the battery compartment. Freaked me out! Cleaned out the battery compartment - put in new battery - still working - but still abit unnerving (had backup pump - but didn’t feel like calling as it’s costly to call from the ship).

BTW, in answer to Danny’s query - never have put my pump into lock down mode. I did it by accident once - and didn’t have my manual with me at the time - so had to learn very quickly how I had done it (leaned up against my oven of all things - right combo made it go into lock mode).

If I had a child wearing a pump - I would lock the screen for sure!

Anna from Montreal - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

We started out 3 plus years ago by request from our Pump Nurse …eventually at our first meeting about 16 or so showed up …we called ourselves Pump on Women ( POW ) …then we got word : men wanted to join ; renamed POP . . The Nurse not always at our meetings , which were held about 6 times a year. Some times a speaker : glycemic index , or a Pharmacist or a Internist . lately about 4 times a year and 6-8 of the core group show …someone organized a hike on Nov. 1 ; 12 young and old pumpers and fam !! A wonderful change from sitting and chatting .There is talk about a skating event in the near future . I have the e-mail list of those on our computer ; sent messages to everyone and some we don’t hear from or see . Our core group ( includes parents, grandparent ) also have some work to do on a policy /procedure on pumping and being admitted to the Emerge of the local Hospital : to stay connected OR disconnect from pump …this reminds me: I was to get the notes organized …In any case the ones, that attend seem keen .

Terry - I locked my pump (Animas 2020) by accident by leaning up against the stove while cooking up a meal when I first had it. I hadn’t memorized the pump manual at the time - so was leaping around the house like a wacko trying to find it (always happens that it’s right where you left it - but you seem to not find it even with it starring you in the face)! In the end, managed to find the manual / page that explained what to do. Like you say, very easy to do with our pumps. I can’t remember how it was with the Medtronic Paradigm 522, my sponge brain doesn’t remember that far back .

I always lock my pump. The main reason however is to conserve battery life.