***Taking down the A1C!

Most recent A1C (Blood Glucose Average) Value
July 30, 2009 got it down to 6.2 from November 2008 6.7!

Awesome! Keep it up! Any tips for the rest of us?

yaaay well done you, I’m aiming for some where in the sevens next time… :o) x

Woo Hoo!!!

I used every trick I could. For me; I had to quit using Splenda, I have had better results with table sugar. I cut down on the soda-colas, and french fries went out the door–saves a lot of money at the fast food. I still drink the coffee, my one vice. Occasional green tea. I ate a lot more salads with sunflower seeds and started using the fat-free dressing. I snacked on peanuts when hungry and I tried to only eat multigran bread. I started taking Chromium Picolinate, it has helped me greatly–after starting the Chromium, I was able to stop taking glipizide completely. I still have to use the metformin 500mg 2X daily. I also started taking Omega-3 Fish Oil. I started Vitamin E, B-complex and Calcium, Magnesium and Zink also. I used the non-stick cooking spray. Either grilled, skilet fried adding no oil or grease, or baked. I did practice eating slower, I used to eat marathon style. I eat about every 4 hours, 4x a day, but in smaller carb counted amounts. I still eat some of my favorite foods, just in moderation. If there is a temptation like a candy bar or cupcake, I eat a small part of it and then save it for the next day. If I am at my carb limit for the day, I try to stay away from the kitchen and find something else to occupy my time until time to go to sleep. I started a good waking routine, but had to stop because of heel spurs. Then I turned to gardening and yard work, it really makes me sore and stiff, but it make the HOA happy. I was able to continue a little walking at the mall (once or twice a week and a shorter distance), but not as much as I did around the neighborhood. I tried to have a more positive attitude, be more socialble and enjoy life. I also increased my good cholestrol and lowered the bad, but this is my next goal to lower overall cholestrol and keep increasing the good one HdL. I was taking the fish oil for my Cholestrol, because I can’t take high doses of Niacin for it, due to my liver problem, so I have to do it through diet and exercise and I don’t want to take the statins. My doctor wants me to try another statin and get the Cholestrol checked in six weeks. Simvastatin caused me too much pain to continue, so the doctor suggest the fish oil originally.