Tandem Control IQ Study Invitation

I just received via email from Tandem an invitation as an early adopter of Control IQ to join a study particularly focusing on investigation of basal rates. The description of the study, requirements, responsibilities, etc. were daunting. I want to do my part for furthering research, but it seemed a bit much. They were offering a $25 gift card. Has anyone else received one (now or in the past?) What are your thoughts and opinions?
I’m a little hesitant because I am using the 100% sleep with associated modifications, unless I’m actually exercising or doing hard labor outside.

I use it entirely in sleep mode as well.
I did the survey. It is basically a simple survey asking fairly basic overall questions.

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Ah, this was the first survey, it says I will get another one in 4 weeks as well.
I don’t care about the gift card, I was just trying to give them feedback.

Did you read the description/requirements page at the end of the first survey, or, as I usually do, just hit the Agree button, TLDR?

Meh, I glanced through it. Kinda normal.

I got an invitation to a study, too, but it wasn’t as you describe. It was about quality of life and whether the system had improved it. There was very little asked about my basal rates at all. Ironically or not, they did send that warning about people misusing the system within 30 minutes of my completing it.

I definitely AM one of those misusing the system. I’d be fairly pissed if I couldn’t, because I love it how I’ve got it running now. I run heavy basals, 24/7 sleep mode, programmed the max allowable weight, and slightly increased my TDD.

Funny you should say that, I got an email afterwards as well about Basal Rate settings…

Yes, I went back to email and it was the one concerning basal rate settings that was unnerving especially since you have enter you data into t:connect to participate in the study. I think I’ve decided not to participate in the study!

Yeah, sounds like there’s different studies going on. I wouldn’t do one that required connecting to t:connect anyway. They make that very difficult for Linux users.

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I am not on Control IQ yet although I have been approved for it. Still on Basal IQ. A week ago I received an email from Tandem urging me to go on line to their site and learn more about basals. That is the first email of this kind that I have received from them. I haven’t gone to that site yet.

I just got the second one in today.

Me too. Haven’t seen the payout, though.

I got an email shortly afterwards that prompted me to go to a web page and choose a card to redeem it on, or charities to donate to.