Who wants my juice boxes?

I haven’t used a juice box in weeks. Thank you Tandem and Dexcom. Love my t:slim with low suspend!


That’s great, @Anthony! It’s so nice when the quality of our lives improve by an obvious measure. Enjoying the absence of hypos is an even better benefit.

Tandem’s X2 sure looks like a winner to me. It’ll be nice to read the comments after the Control IQ upgrade appears next year.

Bear in mind the Control-IQ does not simply add the other half of the algorithm to cover the high BG.

Rather, the entire algorithm is replaced. The way the Basal-IQ operates on the low BG now is not how the Control-IQ operates on the low BG. Not to say that one or the other is better or worse for the low BG. Without having used the Control-IQ - I simply do not have that experience. But it is clear from speaking to others that the algorithm is completely different not even being based on anything similar. Simply an entirely different product from an algorithm point of view.

Is this the so-called “TypeZero” algorithm from the University of Virginia? This has been an interesting story to follow.

Now if we could keep Tandem’s lawyers away from the UI and alarms. As much as I love my Dexcom, I despise the t:slim more than any pump (4 mfgrs for me) due to their horrible UI. I’ve reported them to the FDA multiple times due to their fill process not warning that the basal wasn’t turned back on. Yet they warn you with an alarm <5 mins after changing the basal, or walk you thru multiple “are you sure?” screens for normal activities.

Then there is the screaming and vibrating while filling the cartridge. All of my co-workers including several endocrinologists have adopted my nickname for it, “the screaming little *$#@¥®™✓£!”

Glad that it works for you. I’m going Medtronic next year, but keep the Dexcom. Tandem is tone deaf (pun intended) about how annoying they are to users, and their friends and families.