Tandem: Product Roadmap

I read the transcript of the Tandem Quarterly call yesterday. Here were a few highlights. Note: I just downloaded the t:connect app which doesn’t seem too incremental quite yet.

"In the next 12 months, we are focused on preparing to bring three new products and features to market in the U.S. including the launch of our t:connect mobile app, which is underway now, the future edition of the mobile bolus delivery feature through an app and the clearance of the t:sport insulin delivery system.

As a reminder, our t:connect mobile app is the center of our digital health strategy moving forward, which is why we took a more metered approach to its launch over the past few weeks. Even without broad promotion, approximately 15,000 people have downloaded the app since its release for both Android and iOS devices. Most importantly, the feedback on the user experience of the app has been excellent and we are confident in its ability to serve as a foundation for future offerings."

“T:sport is meaningful to our business as it expands the family of insulin pump offerings and offers customers a choice depending on whether they prefer to program their therapy management using a touchscreen on the pump, or they prefer a pump that’s about half the size and fully controlled through a mobile app. Both platforms will offer the latest automated insulin delivery algorithm. I’m happy to share that human factors testing for t:sport is now underway.”

“Also in support of this strategy, we continue to advance our internal development efforts on features and enhancements of our Control-IQ technology. We aren’t providing a schedule yet for competitive reasons, but broadly they are centered around algorithm enhancements that are intended to further improve clinical outcomes, new features with greater personalization and refinement of the overall systems usability. We are planning the first of our Control-IQ updates in the second half of 2021.”


Oh no. I’m always so excited for Tandem updates, but that late of a date is disappointing to hear. I love Control-IQ, and understand why they chose to lock the DIA down, since it’s such a different mechanism than other pumps . But as someone with slow insulin absorption, I really need to be able to set it longer. I’ll have to be patient, I guess.

Yeah, I was also surprised that it’s that far out.

Thanks for posting - very informative!

I haven’t been impressed with t-connect so far. it’s nice to see current pump status and parameters, but I still have to run the Dexcom app for alarms and CGM status data.

Tandem just bought Sugarmate. My hope is they integrate some of it’s powerful analytics into t-connect. I hate running multiple apps to get a full picture of what’s happening. Add pump control and I’d be one happy camper.

I also think Tandem recognizes they have to cut the cord with the Dexcom app as part of their data system, but retain functionality. Then they can clip-stream other CGM systems (ex. Libre) when the time comes.

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My t:slim X2 is out of warranty, or soon to be, and I am curious of the new t:sport model. I wish they would update the X2 to have a usb C power port, or modify the micro USB port it has to make insertion smoother. I have a hard time getting the cord plugged in on mine.

I’ve been thinking about that too. Being bound solely to Dexcom is fairly limiting.

Last earnings call Tandem said tsport would be summer of 2021 if all goes well.

Dang! I didn’t realize it would be that long! They have been talking about it for a while.

Not sure about this case, but some trials (needed for FDA product approval ) have been impacted/delayed by covid.

It was supposed to be out this year but Covid put it back to next year.

Well I suppose that makes sense. That’s too bad.