Texas A&M Band - Houston Halftime Performance 9-11-2011

Sadly… unless you’ve attended a Texas A&M football game, you’ve likely never seen, what is the world’s largest “military style” (and last of few remaining) “marching” bands.
In this case, the “Aggie Band” was invited to perform at the Houston Texans professional football game in “Reliant Stadium”, as part of honoring the 10th year anniversary of the air attacks on New York City and Washington DC.
At one time, Texas A&M had the largest military “corp” in the country, as participation in ROTC was mandatory… (which is no longer the case). The Aggie Band has maintained it’s marching style through the present time and typically has around 350 members.
The manner in which the “jock mentality” has so taken over televised football games, you will rarely see more than a small “snippet” of such a performance.
For those “Internet” surfers who may have seen “military band” performances in Norway or elsewhere in Europe… (of which I’ve watched such “videos”)… and having seen the Texas A&M band perform at many, many events… I could only quietly remark to myself, "You ain’t seen nothin’ "…

Please forward the below URL … as such a performance needs to be seen and appreciated…


from a family of ags—thans for the post/-geg’em

You are most welcome

A lot of college games have great band displays at halftime that don’t make the air, as they cut away to talking heads and highlights which is sort of too bad, since all the people betting $$ on the other games are checking their phones anyway!!

The guy who played drums in the band I was in in college was into DCI events so he had videos and records (this was the mid 1980s…) of a lot of their competitions. He was a smokin’ drummer!