Thanks, Morton's ( I need all the help I can get)

('m pretty new at posting for tudiabetes. I usually write for my radio listeners, who may not be quite as familiar with the terms, etc of diabetes. My main blog can be found at

Want to let you know I'll be at Morton's Steakhouse Friday night. Great week-long event "A Steak in Our Community" benefits a different charity each night. Friday it's JDRF. More info here (you may have to click on "special events"). I'm bringing the whole family and Benny & Lea are excited to help out. We'll be your maitre d's for the evening (that should be interesting!)

So good news and bad news (as usual) with diabetes. First, Benny's A1c was great at his quarterly checkup. 7.7 and it's been trending down all year, which is what we want. He has also grown 5 inches in the last 15 months and gained 16 pounds! No wonder we feel like it's hard to keep up those basal rates.

Bad news, now. After a long time of relatively easy inset changes, Benny is terrified again. It hasn't been this bad since we started using the Lidocaine nearly a year and a half ago. It is so bad that when his inset (we call it "the button") came out the other day, I had to hold him down to put a new one on. Without it, he doesn't get insulin, so we have no choice. I'm still sore (the dude is 62 pounds!).

We were both pretty upset during that wrestling match. But less than a minute later, Benny was happy, sweet and loving. He gave me big hugs and quickly got dressed to go out and play. It was one of the first sunny days we've had in a while - the kids were outside with friends all afternoon. But while the sun was shining and the kids were playing, I was inside stewing.

This is probably where I should say something funny or inspiring, to get you to come see me Friday night. You know what? I don't have anything. Diabetes made me hold down and hurt my kid. Nothing entertaining about that. Time to take a deep breath and keep it in perspective. Thanks for reading this; it helps.

(I've contacted our diabetes educator to get some help about this issue. Benny's got a great attitude about his diabetes, and we can't have these knock-out drag-out inset changes. I'll let you know what she says, and am open to suggestions here!)