Ah but that was sooooo Gooood

'Honey-do' done. Helped wife clean house. Yeah, I 'll admit it. I've been house broken and house trained. And I'll be the first to say so.
But afterwards she decided she wanted some Churches chicken, mouth watered on that one. So off we go for a take-out. Got five thighs, mashed potatoes & gravy, honey biscuits for her. I had a ton of jalapeno nacho slices. Going to pay for that later but was worth it at the time. I only had two of the thighs and 1/2 cp of the mashed potatos & gravy. Was very good.

Two hour mark: 156. About two weeks ago had same thing with a 122 on the two hour mark. Could had been weather affecting, body aches or whatever. But will I do again? Probably. If only to test and make sure. I don't have that all the time. Only once in a while. When I was first dx I had eaten so much 'roasted' chicken I can't bare to watch it in the store anymore. Same with greenbeans. But fried chicken once in a while I figure to try and get away with. IF the reads don't play havoc with me. So figure to try it once more some weekend. Maybe in a couple months. Depends when it strikes her taste buds for some Churches chicken.
She thought it might had been the peppers. Told her the peppers didn't have any carbs to them. But boy am I going to be paying for eating them anyhow. ;)

I can totally relate. I am a foodie! Like you, I've figured out that I can enjoy many of those foods I crave, and I'm just as happy to enjoy them in smaller amounts. It's OK to splurge once in a while, just keep an eye on your BG's like you did and correct as necessary. Oddly enough, some of the foods you would think would be the kiss of death aren't that problematic after all. Do you take Symlin before meals? It really helps control your portions by making you feel fuller faster.

And that is true. I've learned to 'eat to the meter'. I do have my weaknesses at times but I usually follow that golden rule as much as possible. And I also learned to give something at least three reads min before putting it on my 'no'list due to maybe having a bad day or something else interfering with the reads. But do know for sure now that pizza and glazed cinnamon rolls are really on my 'no'list. :(

It is also important to remember that there are lots of things that affect your blood sugar and your response to meals. If you still have insulin production you can actually "save up" insulin in your islet cells and that can help offset a higher carb meal. While I am a real fan of eating to the meter I also like to eat my meter average. Just because I eat something and it turns out ok doesn't mean it will turn out ok most of the time.

Peanut butter is one thing that likes to mess with me big time. I don't hit over 180 on it but it jumps all over with me. So I gave up on it. To answer angivan I don't take anything now. Doctor and DE took me off Metformin back in February and have been keeping an eye on me. I keep daily reads on a spread sheet and turn into DE at end of month. Tell me I'm doing very well on what I'm doing with my diet and exercise. She's told me that even when I'm outside of what I consider to be a normal range for me I'm still doing very good. She laughed when I told her about my cinnamon rolls adventures and that of my pizzas. Told me to lay off of them but otherwise she and doctor were very pleased. My dietitian laughed and asked me if I was going to do that again. Told him certainly not those cinnamon rolls. :) Ah but those glazed rolls sure did taste so good. For some reason they decided they didn't like me. Don't know why, I loved them. ;)
My daily, weekly, monthly averages on the meter varies accordingly. But I do try to watch the carb intake. I was givien a 'meal plan' by the dietitian and he had told me I could do the 45-65 range but I've noticed that usually I'm below that. I'll average about thirty something per meal. Sometimes I might hit that 45 and a little over but it's usually under. I'm also watching my weight at same time so I try to really watch the carbs and portions. When I was dx as type2 in 2012 I was 229lbs. I've dropped down to 169. Wife was worried and didn't want me to go lower. I actually think that's where I'm peaked out for a low anyways. I'm hanging between 169-172. As long as I'm in that range I'm happy. I know I'd never go below that. Heck that's even lower than before I retired from the Air Force. My max then to stay off the 'fatboy'progam and out of trouble was 194. I hovered around 192 and that was what I weighed when I retired. So for me to be this low really amazes my wife and myself. She was taking in the waist of my pants all the time and I would still take them off with the belt buckled and the pants zipped up and buttoned. I'm now wearing a size 31-32 depending on the brand and style. I had gone up to a 40 or one of those 38's with the waist stretchers in them(know wnat I mean?). Wife tells me if I lose any more that on Date Days she's not going to walk beside me. That she'll go her way and me mine. Said I'll be too skinny for her to be seen with. :(

I know I'm going to take some heat from some of you for the followin remark but it's true. Here goes:
I celebrate two anniversarys/birthdays every years. The reason I'm saying this is that the day I was dx I was given a new start also. I had to really put my life in focus and make up my mind to either go with the ride or sit it out. I decided to go with the ride. So, the minute I made that decision was a new birth date for me. Aniversary comes in on each year of that date. Took awhile for the wife to grasp what I meant by that remark. Yes, I'm screwed with this. I'll have to always watch what I do, what and how much I put on a plate. But because of the dx I was given a new start. It might and probably will hit the fan later down the road but at least I'll give the best shot of it. So I'll celebrate both birthdays and anniversaries every year.

I remember how when I was dx my wife got mad at me. Reason? Not what you think about the food or anything like that. When I'm nervous or scared of something I'll crack jokes. So when I had seen the doctor and he gave me the 'news' she wanted to know what happend. Told her I'd let her know when I got home. Just like he wouldn't tell me over the phone I wasn't going to let her know that way either. When I got home I started cracking jokes when I told her about being diabetic. She didn't see anything funny and got real peed at me. I had to remind her that I was scared and nervious also. That it runs in the family and all I ever heard was the nightmare stuff about it(that was before I actually started learning about this thing of ours). I reminded her that joking was my way of relieving the stress and worry of things. Should had seen me when I went in for a prostrate procedure. Nurse and the guy with the drugs were rolling. Know those people behind the curtains beside and in front of me must had thought I was nuts to be joking around before having something done to me. But that's the way I am. Had my brothers laughing at mama's funeral a few years back. :)
But when she finally got over being peed at me she got scared. So here I am trying to calm two of us down. And of course all of her friends are telling her the various things for me to do. For instance one was to take all these different fruits and put them into a blender and drink the juices. Told her that was the worst thing I could be doing. She said that it should be healthy because it's fruit. I told her that fruit also has it's natural sugars. That when I eat fruit it must be small in size and portions depending on what it was. We both went through a big learning curve and that is something that is never ending.

Maybe. But bottle says not a significent amount of sugar listed. The Total carbs show as zero.

Your sense of humor will serve you well! It may annoy people who say you shouldn't joke about diabetes, but it's so necessary because it can really get you down at times. I find it amazing how people complain about birthdays and getting older. I always tell them to celebrate every birthday with gusto! I work hard to stay alive, Type 1 for 31 years, so every year is a triumph!

Just had my two thighs, ton of hot peppers and half cup of mashed potatoes/gravy. Wating for a nother 30 minutes or so to see how they went.Sure was good though. I still have those who will be giving something away and will look at me and say, "you can't have this can you?". I'll smile and say depends on what it is and how big of a bite I take. ;)
Had a small doughnut before. Left the 'bearclaws' alone. Although they sure kept calling my name 'very loud'. Ah but how good they did look and smelled too. Almost good enough to toss caution into the wind for. But I held onto the tail end of caution and left alone.
That's okay though. I still have my Smart Carb chocolate ice cream in the freezer that I can have my 1/2 cup of and enjoy it. That is if my bestest half hasn't eaten it when mixing with her regular original vanillia. Sometimes she'll have a couple scoops of hers and then help me out by having a scoop of my Smart Carb at same time. :(
But it usually lasts me a long time because I'm not eating it all the time and that's including her "help".
How she does help me out though. And when she sees something that brings me super compaired to my regular reads she'll tell me I'd better lay off of it. I've greated a monster!!!!!! But really though she does worry about how I'm doing. Little 'food cop'!!!! :)

Crap!!!! Busted by the food cop!!!!! Read was 140. Although in an acceptable range she still thought might be too high. Decided for me that maybe once or twice a month now. :(
To be honest though that was following my line of thought at same time. See what being married for 41 years does to you? You start to think a lot alike.
But with that being deep fried and nice crusty skin like that no telling how much I'm actually putting in me when I eat that. But sure was soooooo Goooood though. ;)
Told her at least I let her have the biscuits and I didn't touch them.
Told you I've got a little monster of a food cop here. :)

Ahhhh but it tastes sooooooo goooood.
Well, did it again. Had two thighs,jalapeno pepper slices, a half cup of mashed potatoes with gravy, and a half cup of butter beans. Two hour mark 171. Close but still under. ;)
Had worked out in the back yard whacking the weeds with a weed eater. Big back yard. Then we also had a thunderstorm hit. So maybe that in the makinghad something to do. Don't know. But still once in a while. Will still hit the meter afterwards to see how it went afterwards. It's once in a while, not often. Who knows what goes on at times. I've had lower reads with same meal also. But can't resist it.

Oh, guess what else I found soooooooo, goooooood. Was at Sams Club Saturday and came across these small cream cheese breads. Little ones. Were 15 carbs each. Wife asked if I could have any. Told her to get it. I had a couple, read ws 151 or such but that also included after having been to my favorite buffet that day. I then had two and a half for breakfast with a cup of milk. Was 111 on two hour mark. But I always give something three shots before making sure.
But if they are good to go after another shot then will have something new for a snack once in a while. ;)