The easiest pasta to carb count

Try Barilla Mezze Rigatoni. Each rigatoni is 1 gram of carb. I have double-checked it with my Eat Smart scale. Check out Manny’s video on this kitchen scale! Buy one and they will contribute to our Diabetes Hands Foundation.

you will love this scale! It is soooooo easy to use!

you have to count each rigatoni?

well, they’re pretty big, I can hardly eat 20 of them

I just ordered it can’t wait.Got to be better than my postal scale Ive been using.

I love my Eat Smart scale. It’s the best.

It’s 1:21 am EST and I just got back from the store - I read your post, and went and got me the pasta and placed it on that scale. I will say I do love the eat smart scale.

Thanks for the tip!

Which Eatsmart do you have? We'd like to order one but not sure what to choose. :)

I don't think the hard thing with pasta is counting the carbs, Marie. It's accurately bolusing for those carbs which doesn't always work according to our usual I:C ratio and dealing with late spikes. Kitchen scales won't necessarily help with that.

Yikes, I just realized this post is 4 years old! How do these things pop back up like this!

Nena, here's the video Manny made on the Eatsmart.
(oops I see I already linked to the video, more coffee please...)

Zoe, the discussion came back when Nena commented on it. please feel free to "revive" any old discussions you find helpful by commenting on them.

and the visual of the amount of carbs in such a small portion of pasta makes me think about portion sizes.

I weigh pretty much everything I eat (unless it's pre-measured like in a package) and I still get crazy spikes after some meals. I'd agree it's not so much about accurately weighing, although with pasta I'm always a bit unsure if I should weigh it before or after it's cooked.

i would think you would weigh the pre-cooked amount.

that video helped so much. it sold me on the scale :)i'm new to all of this so when i find what i'm looking for i get super excited lol