The food we do or don't eat


@Judith_in_Portland, the recipe for spanakopita is here:

There are a number of recipes on the net if this one does not float your boat.


I would love a whole bagel too. But I learned 30 years ago that I can’t handle a whole bagel, too many carbs! No matter how much insulin I take it seems like it’s never enough.

It does help to put peanut butter, cream cheese, lox, whatever on a half-bagel. I think the cheese/meat/fat help slow down the carb absorption and I can usually dose for that half-bagel without any wild excursions.


Thanks for the input. Next time I will do a half (and save the other half for another day). All the ideas and ways to skin a cat that work for us are great! I am making headway with satisfying low carb wraps. more to follow!


In short last night we made Nachos with the flat bread and they were delicious!


Perfect—Thank you, Dearheart!..xx000