The hardest part

of being diagnosed as an adolescent or adult is that you clearly remember what it was like to eat freely, whatever and whenever you wanted to. Today I was driving from one appt. to another, and on the way I felt hungry, and saw a Subway place (submarine sandwiches, if they don’t have them in your part of the world). So I stopped and had a 6" roast beef sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, and succumbed to a regular Coke because they didn’t have any diet Sprite or other non-cola diet drinks. I can’t stand diet Coke, and I have to drink while I eat. So I fell for it (I COULD have asked for water, but NOOOO!!!). I took insulin according to my best SWAG guess, but now I’m sitting at 207 and have been above 200 for 2 hours, even though I took a correction.

So I fell off the horse, and am going to get right back on again, but I really do miss the days of not having to think about it. It’s like having Gollum (from the Hobbit) riding on the back of my brain – most of the time he just sits back there and murmurs about his precious and doesn’t bother me too much, but sometimes he just charges forth and starts wrestling with me and sometimes I lose. Today I lost.

It’s ok. You will get back up :slight_smile: lol…on the regular coke.

Yup, I get that momentary longing for the ability to just pick up something on the fly. It happens less and less these days with having a pump. But it sometimes drives me crazy to look down at my plate and estimate portion size, figure carb content and make a guess at whether or not there’s enough fat or protein to make a difference.

Natalie, you do get to screw up once in a while. Learn what you can from it – like how much more of a bolus to give for a coke of indeterminate size. Don’t sweat it. You didn’t necessarily lose as just made a less healthy choice. I hope the high comes down soon. You just can’t beat peace of mind.

Oh well, we all screw up. I forgot to bolus for breakfast this morning and spiked to 24.5 (441 mg/dl). I don’t even have an excuse because I wasn’t rushed, I just didn’t remember to do it, and didn’t realize until I tested three hours later.

One advantage of being diagnosed as a kid is that I find regular Coke truly nasty and can only drink the diet stuff!

Don’t be hard on yourself. Sometimes when the urge hits us - we do it - and personally - I think you did pretty good with the SWAG calculations - I’d probably be somewhere up in the 300+ range for blood sugar.
I guess in away - I’m lucky - getting diabetes at such an early age - before I knew about “sinful” foods is a good thing - but trust me - I made up in my later teen’s when I left home - I saw all the foods that my parents had hidden away from me when I lived at home - but then it hit me that - heck - it’s expensive to eat out! I still broke down tho’ - and do from time to time.
Off to test my blood sugars now - I’m feeling guilty here :slight_smile: - but a good guilty (had an espresso earlier - and some maple sugar cookies - and didn’t bolus - bad, bad, bad).

No sympathy. I love Diet Coke. I tallied them on the side of my styrofoam cup when I worked @ a restaurant a few years ago and drank like 27 (with ice…). I only get Gollumy when I’m low. Today has been an evening out of “The Two Towers” for sure…

I hear ya loud and clear on that one. I was dx less than a year go (my d-day is in about a month) and I was talking with my wife about this tonight. A year ago we were going out for ice cream, I was eating whatever I wanted at the ballpark, potatoes (mmmmm) and a whole host of other things. It’s amazing what year will do to your diet. My son even remembers last spring and walking to Dairy Queen to get ice cream after playing at the park. I was pre-dx then, guessing my bg was 300+, and I was craving glucose.

Good luck, be strong, we’re all in it together!


Agreed. I quit regular years ago, way too syrupy. I had a buddy when I worked at Taco Bell (delicious!) that would go pour half a cup of undiluted Mt. Dew regular syrup from the boxes in a 44 oz cup and then fill it up w/ fountain dew, then hammer 6-8 tacos for lunch. He would have 3-4 of these drinks in an 8 hour shift. How he survived (other than being 16 at the time), I have no idea.

I feel I should acknowledge this significant date because it is a life-changing dx. Happy Anniversary seems really inappropriate. Good work seems inadequate. You stepped up and made changes that are necessary but not always easy. I hope you find it gets easier the longer you do it. I’d give my eye teeth for a DQ strawberry shake. :slight_smile:

As much as T1DM sucks, I’m way healthier than I was a year ago. I guess I’ll look on the half full side of it, cause the other side sucks!


PS - Thanks!