The highs and lows of highs and lows

The question is how do you guys deal with the highs and lows of your blood sugar emotionally speaking. I tend to get very happy when my blood sugar is in a good spot and frustrated when it’s high. Particularly when I feel I have eaten well exercised.

To start with, I don’t believe that I can control all the factors that drive my blood glucose. There’s a certain amount of chaos involved and instead of trying to find the reason for every glucose move, I just try to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.

Once I take corrective action, I let it go. I continue to monitor and correct, if needed, but I definitely try to avoid taking undue responsibility. Controlling blood glucose using subcutaneous insulin is very crude compared to a healthy pancreas.

Learn as much as possible, never give up, but cut yourself some slack. This is a tough game that we play!

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I’m always irritated when it is high because I know the damage highs can do.

I’m only irritated by lows when I’m in the middle of something with someone else such as when hiking, and the low is so bad that it leaves me weak for a while. I hate stopping the hike for bg’s. Other than that, when I get low I just deal with it. I don’t fret.

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