The little button on my Ping

I’m not sure if this is something that I should be worried about but I did call Animas about it tonight… On my pump there’s this little black button that allows for a either a quick bolus or an audio bolus, well, tonight while changing out the battery, I noticed that i could pull this button up because it looked like it was cracked or sliced open, but I can only pull it up on one end… The rep at Animas says that it’s not normal, but I can’t remember if my other one was able to do this. I’d hate to have them switch out a perfectly good pump. Any other Ping-ers out there that can tell me if their button pulls up???

Hi Elizabeth! My Ping audio bolus button doesn’t do that. I’m going to agree with the rep. It isn’t normal and you need a replacement. Don’t worry, you can use the one you have until you get your replacement. Animas wants you to have a pump that is behaving the way it’s supposed to and they know how important it is for us pumpers that we feel assured we have a properly working pump. I doubt that there is any imminent danger, but call them tomorrow so they can get your replacement out ASAP.

I hope your glucose levels are getting better for you. I’ve been on a 2 day kick of WACKY ups and downs - mostly ups. Not usual for me. Ugh. I’m exhausted from it. I feel for you!

Julie Ann :slight_smile:

Yeah, I should get my replacement on Wednesday, compared to my last one though, this one has been perfect!

As far as my numbers, yeah, they’re not really any better… I randomly, and I mean randomly hit 398 this evening before dinner… it was weird. I can’t come up with an explanation. It’s beginning to show with my lab work. My last a1c last week was a 6.3 and that’s from a 5.5. So, it’s a bit of a jump. My endo suggests me doing basal testing to see and faxing him the numbers so we can confirm together. Yeah, I’m jumping right on that… lol