The month of March is within hours! I'm so looking forward to Spring!

The reason that I’m looking forward to seeing another month is for many reasons: (1) As a result of physical therapy, I’m a lot better, which means that I should be able to safely return to my walking routine very soon, although I’ve only been cleared to walk for 5 minutes (it takes that much time just to get to the “start point”! lol By exercising this way, since all other exercise classes are “out” for the time being for me, I should still be able to keep my A1c in check; my desire is to get back to the 1-mile walk within 35 min., which is where I stopped, until osteopenia surfaced. (2) I’m in hopes of staying at the 6.0 - A1c level by the time that my 6-month checkup comes around in June; still maintaining healthy eating & cooking habits, although I’ve indulged a few times in my favorite dark Chocolate – Godiva minis. lol (3) I’m enrolling in a sewing class - - haven’t been near a sewing machine in quite some time (at least 3 decades! Whew!) lol Maybe by being in this kind of class will yield many rewards other than “sewing”. Have considered a “line dancing class” every Tuesday, but not this month (that’s on the back burner for April). :o) For these reasons, I’m excited to see March roll in. (4) Lastly, my “agenda” for March has to include a “day trip” to one of the farmers markets in Atlanta (for organic produce), and to sit and eat a few treats while there. Looking forward to all of these things, even if I can only do one or two of them. God is still good to me, even if I don’t get to do any of these things. I believe that “everybody should have dreams”, no matter how big or small.

is the Osteopenia what keeps you from walking? I have that, but also Fibromyalgia. And walking is like being on fire to me. My Body burns…

5 min, that is really a harsh limit.
Well I hope all your dreams are filled, its good to dream:) Life can be good, no matter what:) God is the master of plans for us, so we need to listen with our Hearts:) Hugs Debbie

Good day! It’s definitely the problem with osteopenia that’s been causing so many problems for me lately, and I had no clue that such a thing was going on in my bones! It’s the same way with people who’re walking around not knowing that they’re pre-diabetic, so, they keep doing what they’re doing, unaware of that they’re hurting themselves. Plus, there was already wear at the L-5 S-1 region of my spine, while on active duty (I served 22 1/2 yrs on active duty), and had a few problems with my upper spine (C-spine) and lower spine (L-spine), plus the sacroiliac (S-spine). The sacroiliac was very problematic over the past 8 yrs, and coupled with Fibromyalgia, I was a walking specimen of pain. After I learned about detoxing my liver periodically, and changing my diet, I also learned that one area of the body (internally), affects another, and it keeps on going that way. I was “healed” by God through what’s called “a Word of Knowledge”, while watching the 700 Club, back in the last week of October, 2006, healed of Fibromyalgia. I have no such pain problems the way that that syndrome wreaks havoc on a person, and, as we both know, there is definitely no connection with Fibromyalgia and arthritis. The spine problems have really gotten on my nerves, because there’s just so much that I want to do, but keep getting “knocked down”, and have to wait to get back up! Do you remember that song in the early 90s that said, “I get knocked down (out), I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down”, do you? lol Well, it’s one of my favs. lol So, the 15-20 min. walk that I take, it’s a relief in my mind at least, that I’m “moving”, and haven’t come to a complete stop! The spine doc told me, in plain English (the way that I needed to hear), when he discussed my latest MRI (C & L spine, plus Sacroiliac), is that there’s a nerve that’s very close to one side of my spine that will eventually present problems like "numbing and tingling of extremities, and lose of control of bodily functio