The Olympic Torch , Jan . 27, 2010 through my Community on the way to Vancouver ...The Torch has arrived in BC

Come , join and follow by visiting the link diabetes-advocate-carries-the-olympic-torch/
Included a bit of a story and a link to CTV webcam ( Canadian TV station ) …as I said before and here : Diabetes made me do it :wink:
On the Canadian TU site terrie8 started a post , November , 2009 …Thanks Terrie !!!

Congratulations Nel! How exciting! Please share pictures when you have them!

Thanks Kristen …this gal is getting very excited and so many wonderful things are happening , because of this and having volunteered with the CDA over 26 years and above all living with diabetes for 27 years. I was in Vancouver past Tuesday and a promo video( 3-4 min ) is produced for the CDA ; I was in the studio and interviewed for 40 min. …ofcourse the Olympic Torch discussion came up ; the next thought is to have my 300
( looks actually less , when I drive by !!) meters videoed . Friends have promised to take pixs …

Hi Nel: :slight_smile:

You’re Welcome! I can feel your excitement. :smiley: The Olympics are an important part of all of our cultures. I’ve been having Fun watching the relays and episodes of the Olympics on TV.

It was Great that Shania Twain was able to carry the Torch in Timmins, Ontario.

I’m a bit concerned though. With all the Nice weather that BC has been having, it looks like the Event preparers will have to haul a lot of snow over from Alberta. j/k I hope that it works out Well. Good Luck on your Run. Prayers and Love to you’s ALL.

That’s awesome, Ne;!!

Terrie …wonderful , that you added Shania Twain’s news stories here.
I am truly in overwhelm, to virtually rub shoulders with past Olympians, Country singers, Eddy the Eagle, Hockey stars , folks who have impacted their communities while on their volunteering missions and basicly those 11,999 other Olympic Torch bearers from all walks of life . A Big Thank You to all , who are working extremely hard to make the Vancouver 2010 Olympics a huge success.
Much too bad, that TU member Don Kelly , who is involved with the Security Team , will not be here in Salmon Arm …he promised to send good vibes : I will not trip and will keep the Flame burning !!

Thank You Scott …how about a little side trip to Salmon Arm , BC ? …snow has been promised here for the 26 th !

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! We’ll all be running along side of you in our minds (okay - I will at least - huff, puff, huff, puff). So proud of you Nel!!!

Anna , and hold my other hand, OK ? …there is talk about snow here on the 26 th …maybe they give me a sleigh to sit on and it is down hill all the way ??

Congratulations for the honor Nel! I live in Washington State and have been experiencing an unusually warm winter. Heard they are having to ship snow in for the Olympics. Who would’ve thought!

Toni , thank you …yes I feel honoured …what I read : 'they " did close down Cypress Mountain/Alpine ski Area to the public : preserve snow on the ski trails to supplement on the courses ; the Nordic Area is open today : cross country skiing , snow shoeing, snow tubing …so come on down to Vancouver :slight_smile: …too far for us : 6 plus hours one way !

Another Wonderful write-up of Big bits and pieces of your Life. Fantastic!! You are Much Loved and Respected.

I’m Glad I saw it. I forgot to ask what time you would start the run Nel. So 10:36 a.m., she be. That would be 1:36 p.m. here right? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Terrie , I did not respond yet it appears , apologies …still in time , if you read this soon …yes : 1.36 pm your time , approx. …you are 3 hours ahead of us …hugs .

No problem Nel. I know that you’ve been busy. Okay Thanks. That’s what I thought. Sometimes I mix up the East Coast times with the West Coast.

We finally got some Pretty snow today. Yay!! Did you’s yet? I hope so.

Have a Great time on your run. We’ll be watching and cheering you on. You Go Girl!! :slight_smile: xo

You go Nel!!! I know it will be a great experience for you, and an inspiration to others watching! Go BC!!

Today’s the big day!!! Hoorah!

woot! Nel, you are truly an inspiration to all of us! Glad you are on our team!

Hey Nel: :slight_smile:

You did it. Excellent job my Friend!! You make us ALL Proud. We waved back at you when you waved at the webcam. :smiley: Beautiful area that you live in.

The passing of the Flame from and to and a group photo of supporters , living with diabetes , incl fam. members . I was interviewed by a TV station and able to share my age, living with type 1 diabetes for 27 years. What a day , never to be forgotten .

The young chap, my pumper buddy , on the left in group pix , wore his Dad's 1988, Calgary Games Olympic Torch Relay outfit . The lady I pass onto is a Chef and will prepare foods for the Olympians

Some evidence folks !! I get teary eyed looking at the pictures …later in the day yesterday andrenaline ( sp?) working overtime …BG’s HI …Worth every moment :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your inspiring comments and a Big Thanks to you , who were able to watch the webcam