The Tflex and its awful case

I actually now are an owner of a t:flex… Problem is the only case avalible for it from the vendor, although its beautiful, is miscut for the display… I.E its almost impossible to hit the top onscreen buttons and of course the pump locks if you miss one too many… Anyone have experience with modding the case… Its a shame since it is a rather well built myabetic case… The answer I got from tandem was… Yeah your right, and the answer I got from myabetic is… We already know this… But that doesn’t help me at all… Taking the pump out of the case everytime i use it is a PITA…

I don’t have an answer to your case issue but the term, t:flex, puzzled me. Google revealed that the t:flex is an insulin pump manufactured by Tandem Diabetes Care, also the maker of the t:slim pump. The t:flex holds up to 480 units of insulin.

It’s ashame that neither Tandem nor Myabetic responded appropriately to your complaint. Myabetic was started by a person with diabetes. I don’t get why this kind of stuff doesn’t get sorted out before it comes to market. Did Myabetic say that they were working on a solution?

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Yes, Myabetic did say they were working on it in a separate email… It sounds so petty complaining about a case, But when it impedes the functioning of the device… It actually is a dual device case and rather clever how they accomadated the"bump" caused by the T:flex cartridge… it really is generally the same size as the tslim… but the protrusion in the back is what adds capacity and makes it not fit almost all tslim accessories…

Anyone know if they’ve fixed the one case that is available for the T:Flex to … actually work with the T:Flex? :smile: