There Oughta Be Some Award

. . . for spouses of diabetics. They should get some sort of acknowledgment. I mean, above and beyond the love and gratitude they get from us. They carry a very heavy burden.

I agree! Partners deserve an official acknowledgement. I often feel that in many ways diabetes is harder on my husband. There should be a day recognizing them.

I agree totally! I know our marriage vows are for better or worse, but I always think "you know, this isn't what he signed up for when we married" (my diagnosis was after 3 years of marriage.

Sometimes I feel like my hubby was put into my life for this reason because he's a giver by nature. But I still feel bad and wish there was more I could do to show my appreciation.

I too agree. I know my husband has had the worse end of our marriage especially since I've gotten older and have other issues not necessarily D I say I give my vote to Type 3 recognitions day!!

"Type 3" -- I love that label. Perhaps it's not new, but I hadn't heard it before. What a perfect name for it! Spouses must cope with blood sugar problems too -- just not their own.

My wife is incredibly supportive and I know she worries -- a lot. She tries not to let me see it, but I know it's there all right. Type 3 indeed.

I agree. Folks joke about me saving my husband when he has had serious lows, getting him to drink orange juice and eat a peanut butter sandwich, giving him a gluc shot, like you must love him so much to do that. Its true I do. He is the love of my life and want to keep him around as long as possible. Having to live alone as a widow doesn't appeal to me at all....


I think there should be an award! I am going to suggest that we add a new category to our annual "TuDiabetes Awards" - "Type 3 Extraordinaire" or you think of a better name. we could have members here nominate their spouses/partners. Here are the winners for 2011

Terrific idea! I just perused the list of winners for the first time (I'm new here), and a category like that would be a great addition. Most appropriate.

Emily take note! :-)

I'll make sure it gets noted. I also had some other ideas for freshening up our awards.

Absolutely! Let's add the "Partners' Award". It's noted :)

We should make one for parents as well. They're also having to put up with the diabetes blood sugar swings with the typical teenager mood swings. I don't see how they do it.


Wow, I hadn't even thought about that one (not a parent). Absolutely right. Marie, Emily, are you taking note?

I agree also. Joslin does present a certificate of acknowledgement to the partners//spouses. Ben's wife Johanna received one when Ben received his 50th D year medal from them. Since I received my award/gift for my 50th D year, I am picking out a trophy with a small engraved plaque? for my Sweet Husband. He deserves much more than that. He knew I had diabetes since I was 3 soon after we met. He was okay with that. But neither of us were expecting me to get severe RA at 24. It is incapacitating sometimes and he helps me so much.

I know there is not a night my husband does not reach over and feel my skin to make sure I am not cold and clammy, it is a real comfort knowing he is there and can deal with the lows. I'm definitely in favor of the partners' award, he would win it hands down.