Wearing the pod on your leg?

I’m trying to find other places to put my pod after wearing it on my lower back all summer. In the past month, my absorption rate there has gone to the pits. My arms work great, but there’s only so much real estate there.

I’ve had it on my belly before, but it’s not my favorite place. Seems to get in the way more often.

What about the leg? I know you can wear the pod there, but was wondering about specific placement. It seems like it would get in the way on your outer thigh. How about right on the front of the leg, sorta up from the knee?

I’ve also heard of people wearing it on the inner thigh… but that seems like it would REALLY get in the way, and hurt!

I wear it on my thigh, pretty much anywhere that’s in the top half of my thigh when sitting with my legs together works. (don’t get brushed by other leg too much or risk getting knocked off for being to far towards the outside). Lower back is also my favorite place, I’ve heard the upper buttocks work as well but I often end up ripping it off when it’s there. I don’t use most of my stomach but I’ve found that wearing it really low (in line with my hip bone) works really well. I’ll be interested to see what others recommend as well!

I include the inner thighs in my rotation (8 different sites, counting left and right) and it is more out of the way than the abdomen/belly area, but not a convenient as the arms or back/butt.
The biggest issue I have with inner-thigh location is the fact that for the first 4-8 hours I have problems with absorption - I have to increase my basal rate by 75% and take boluses an hour before eating if I want to keep my BG in normal range for the first few hours. After that, it works fine.
I don’t have that absorption delay with other sites, for some reason

I sometimes have trouble with it when I have things in my pocket 'cause it ends up getting bumped around a lot! Has anyone found any solution for this other than just not using the pocket while it’s there on the thigh?

my son wears his on his outer thigh all the time. he has never tried the front of his leg or his inner thigh. when you look at all the diagrams they never show those parts of the leg as being possible sights so i guess we never even thoght you could use them.

One more thing I forgot to mention: depending on how high you put it, it might, maybe, possibly be slightly noticeable during sexual activity. I can’t say it’s ever caused me a significant problem, but it is in that region and I guess each person would have to try and see for themselves.

But the overall sexiness of the pod makes up for any functional issues! :slight_smile:

I have to say that the 2 times I’ve tried it on the leg have not turned out well for me, but you guys are inspiring me to give it another go.

I wore one on my outer thigh that ended up occluding. The other was on my inner thigh and resulted in the cannula slipping out, insulin slowly running down my leg, and a nasty high. I think the adhesive around the cannula got crinkled on that one as I wore it, but it lasted only about 12 hours. I will try the front of my thighs and see how it goes. I liked using infusion sets in my legs and want to be able to pod there as well.

I wear my Navigator sensors on my arms, have no absorption on my lower belly, and always occlude on my low back. I’ve been using nothing but the tushy lately - which works great for me, but I need to expand my territory. Ah, the manifest destiny of podding…

Look at the diagrams again, and you will notice that children have more limited areas than adults do. The diagrams for children do not show as many sites, so that is why you may not have tried them in the sites discussed above.

The thigh should work well as long as you do not have too much muscle (not a problem for me!) or too much scar tissue from years of injections (definitely a problem for me). I have not tried a pod on my thighs yet because I know that 43 years of injections into thighs and belly have left lots of scar tissue, so I am concerned about absorption. I guess the only thing any of us can do is to try…

I do wear it on the upper thigh area. It’s my next choice area after my arms. The stomach area is my last choice since it bothers me too much while sleeping. I see where some wear it on their leg more towards the knee. I am not sure about this.

I wear it on my leg anywhere from 1 inch above the knee to the top of my thigh. I find I have less “jiggly skin” towards my knee and it gets bumped less when changing clothes so it often hurts less. The thigh is a decent sized area, might as well use the whole thing.

Stupid question. I’m getting the pod Friday and training on Monday. How do you where it on your thigh? Doesn’t your pants rub against it? The locations sounds great.

Unless you wear really tight-fighting pants I can’t imagine it would bother you. At least, it doesn’t bother me a bit when I wear it on the inner thigh (my legs are too lean/muscular to wear it on the outer side).