Think of me as a taxi

Having seen the despatches programme where lobbyists can ask for 3 to 5 thousand ponds a day it got me thinking how come I get £107 pounds a week on incapacity benefit, I would glady give that up for a job when I was working I was paid £250 a week I am not griping about my state money without it I would be walking the streets and I am very grateful for all the medication I get free being diabetic and a heart failure patient but having a job would be the icing on the cake.

Because my wife works and I get a small pension from the council where i worked for 15 years we are not entitled to any reduction in poll tax and do not get any topups from the government the result is our house is falling apart around us faulty electrics central heating system 30 years old not very efficient out gas payments alone are £58 a month and we try to keep it off as much as we can, but being diabetic I really feel the cold and it does make me depressed a lot.

So former mi nisters asking £3 to £5 thousand pounds a day reallly take the cake I guess if that was going free they would have that as well, ther are millions of us unemployed how about a trades union for us a forum to talk about our issues, diabetes is the same at times hte government just plays lip service to our condition like smoking they only act after it is far too late.

What would I do with 3 to 5 thousand pounds a day well keep warm get some decent clothing eat proper food leave the taxi and try to walk as much as I could and finally have a hoilday my wife and I have not been on holiday for years somewhere in hte sunshine would do.