Time for a new pump

I have been using an Animas pump for a few years. It's out of warranty and getting old so I want to replace it. I only have 1 basic complaint about it - you can't see the display in the sunlight!!! I mean, it's ridiculous in this day and age that they haven't figured that out yet. Anyway, I like to be outdoors and don't want to have to find a "dark area" to see the display well enough to give myself a bolus or adjust my basals, or whatever.

Any recommendations for a pump that has a better display?

The Medtronic is sort of primitive but I can see mine in bright sunlight, with sunglasses on, riding my bike down a trail and like that. I also like that the light is easy to find when I want to check something or fiddle with it in the middle of the night. I like the simplicity although I have not really played with any other pumps.

I’m surprised they haven’t figured that out yet either however, I can hardly even see my iPhone 5 in the sun but maybe that’s just me. Although I do love my animas and I don’t spend much time out in the sun but I just cup my hand over the top of it to see it :slight_smile:

Well, in the bright sunlight in Florida, cupping my hand over it does nothing. I literally have to search for a dark area. But with my iPhone, I don't have the same issues

Anyone tried the new Tandem pump yet?

Uh, never mind - I just checked out the Tandem group. As with new software, I'll wait til they fix all the bugs - I don't like being a beta testers for companies. Any other recommendations?

Wil Dubois has published a series of reviews on the new Snap pump. Wil found the readability of the pump in bright sunlight very good. This pump uses a pen cartridge for the reservoir and simplifies the site change process. They also claim to eliminate many key presses when delivering insulin. Right now, however, it only uses Humalog insulin and is only available in certain geographical locations. Asante, the company that manufactures the Snap, offers a free four week trial. Looks interesting enough to try.

I love my Medtronic 722 pump. It handles sunlight well and it is a fine reliable system. I also like medtronic’s customer service. Good luck.

Animas One Touch Ping..Uses the BS Meter as a Pump remote...which is cool...The meter is very difficult to see also...HOWEVER there is a function on the meter that allows you to hold any button down for two seconds and it brightens the display! It really helps...Also I think the Ping pump itself is so much easier to read outside than my cell phone :)...The Ping is supposed to be able to communicate with Dexcoms G4 CGM this year also...I will believe that one when I see it tho :)