Tips to remove sticky residue

I’m fairley new to my insulin pump i have only had it for a couple of month. Everything is going well appart from I find it difficult to remove the residue thats left when I change my canular. The only way I have been able to remove it is to scrubb it with my finger nail and an exfoliation mit, which leaves my stomach stingy and tender.

i was wondering if anyone knew of any creams or anything that can easily remove the residue with out me having to scratch at it?

Thank you

Sarah x

i wait a day and use goo gone

Thanks, I’ll try that.

We Use Unisolve wipes. They come in a pack of 50 and Walgreens sells them for $12.99. We use them to remove our son’s OmniPod and to clean up the left over sticky spots! I hope this helps!

I use Tac Away wipes. They work just fine.

I also use unisolve. I really like them. It leaves your skin really soft. But beware: it takes off nail polish!!! :slight_smile:

I use Unisolve in a spray bottle, it seems to work fine for me. But as someone else has already said “it does take off nail polish too”.