Toilet Paper Woes

I gave up getting toilet paper in my local stores in Kingston, NY. I ordered 12 rolls from Amazon. That was a mistake! The shipment from Star999 in the Virgin Islands, is due to arrive April 29-May 20. That is a 33-56 day wait from the day I placed the order!! Here is some info from the Amazon page:
Arriving April 29 - May 20

12 PC Toilet Paper - Paper Towels Bulk, Hollow Replacement Roll Paper,1 Roll Paper Towels has about 170 Leaves,3 Layers - Paper Towels Select a Size 3.94’‘X3.94’’ (12PC)
Sold by: Star999
Condition: New

I am so glad the merchandise is NEW. I do not want any USED toilet paper!! :frowning:


Thanks. I was going to get it online as well. I tried to get a mask online too.
But all won’t be shipped and delivered until late April or May. I am trying little stores for tp and making a mask.
good luck

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We have toilet paper, eventually we won’t. But we looked on Amazon and noticed a lot of those rolls had large middles and didn’t say how much was even on the rolls. And some were pretty costly, I hope Amazon shuts some of them down too for price gauging.

But be careful, check what you are actually getting. If they don’t say exactly, I bet something is fishy about the size of the roll etc.

Our grocery had been getting it in, but it disappears almost as soon as it’s there. I know Costco put a limit to one pack. Hopefully the grocery store is too now. I can see a bunch of people buying it all so they can sell it online.

Toilet Paper a valuable commodity of all things!

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Are you a member of Costco? Costco will generally ship. We have it here. They would likely ship.

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Thank you, gave me a good laugh.” Condition New”. We have plenty. I also purchased baby wipes in case of emergency.Nancy50

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@mohe0001, we don’t have a Costco near our location. Would they ship to an area that does not have one of their stores?

ooooh, I don’t think so. I think Costco generally ships between different Costco locations.

Are you near a walmart? You could put in an order through them.

We had shortages for a couple weeks, but everything is re-stocked now.

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A Monkey Wards catalog was good at my Grandmothers outhouse - and you could browse the ads, when I was a yungun

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@Tony24, I remember that well! I did the same thing.

We have a Walmart, but they are not doing grocery pickup now.

A traveling salesman ask the young boy that answered the door if the lady of the house was home. The young boy replied," I think she is in the outhouse, I haven’t seen her in a bit". “What makes you think she is in the outhouse?” asked the salesman. The young boy replied, “Well, She took the Sears and Roebuck catalog with her and she can’t read!”


Costco online shows it out of stock for online order.
I was at local costco and finally got some in store.

They are limiting entry into store, 10-15 people at a time as people leave. Total in store might be 50-100. No lines at checkout!! Outside line instructed to stay 6ft apart. People are parking more spread out too !


BJ’s also delivers, if you have one near you.

It will be interesting to what you get…It says toilet paper, then it says paper towels and then it says leaves…

(We may all be using leaves by the time this is over…) Just a reminder to everybody, if it isn’t toilet paper (on designed specifically to go in the toilet) throw it out and don’t flush it down the toilet…You flush things down the toilet that aren’t made for that you’ll have a whole new host of problems…


I would think they’d ship to anyone who has a valid membership. However if there’s not a Costco near you, it’s likely you probably don’t have one.

It’s worth repeating-- if a bird pooped on you, would you smear it off with a dry tissue, or would you use water?

Get a bidet and you’ll never need to worry about buying toilet paper ever again.

Low end plumbing only models do the job for as low as $30 USD. I bought the Brondell Simplespa back in 2018 and am so glad that I did. (Amazon was selling them for $30 at the time.)

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Anyone have any coupons or discounts for Costco? We have a membership to SAMS. Might it also be a good idea to get COSTCCO as well do you think?

You don’t actually need a membership to shop Costco online. We have Sam’s plus (free shipping and awesome pharmacy savings, the membership paid for itself in my first month’s dexcom savings)… But recently bought a new kitchen sink from Costco. There’s an extra 5% fee if you don’t have a membership, though.

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I heard many bidets are now backordered as well!

The toilet paper buying fascinates me. I work at Costco and when this all started back at the beginning of March, we couldn’t keep it in stock. Toilet paper, paper towels, Clorox wipes and rubbing alcohol are out everyday. The depot has stopped telling us when the next delivery is coming because they just can’t keep up.
So here are some inside tips. You can try calling before you head to your store but the phones never stop so many times, they can’t pick up all the calls. Senior shopping days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am but no guarantee. And most stores if close enough to a depot get a second dry delivery around noon or 1:00 pm. Again, no guarantees here.
We got a huge delivery on Tuesday of toilet paper that was over 90 pallets of Kirkland paper and another 50 of Charmin. Kirkland ran out about 2:30 and Charmin about 5:00 pm. The next day no toilet paper but a whole truck of paper towels. The next day in afternoon toilet paper Marathon type. They are trying to ship whatever they can buy.
I work in the area where they display the paper stock and hear all day people saying oh look they have toilet paper, do we need it? Answer from family member, no but maybe we should just in case. Really, if we can just get to the point where you only buy what you need, we might get caught up. But it seems the paper issues are just not going away.
If you get to the warehouse very early, it might happen and sometimes if you just hang around in the afternoon a truck might have paper products. I wish I had an answer for everyone. I keep saying and hoping, we will get through this but people are still in panic mode and buying anything and everything.
We have taken to buying foods we don’t normally buy, but my thinking is any food is better that going to the store everyday looking for your favorite item. Toilet paper is toilet paper when you do have any. Chicken parts are chicken parts even if it’s not your favorite type. Pasta type might not be your regular but if it is all they have, go for it. The less we are out and shopping the better for everyone.
Sorry about the long winded message but remember all grocery stores and suppliers and shippers and drivers are doing the best they can with so many being out due to illness or trying to protect themselves or family members. Hang in there everyone! I know I am trying!