Top of the morning all you sugary people! by JOHNBEN

Well, good morning all you diabetics people!

It's me JOHNBEN!

How is life treating you? Me? Oh not so bad! How is the painting going? Have had little time for it as yet. Finding plumbers and air conditioning people for some problems. I hate to sweat in the heat of summer and the fans won't do it but the cost of a good A/C system in the house gives me hick-ups and drives my sugar up or down depending on it's mood.

I'm slowly getting used to being 80 years young but I tell you it takes getting used to that number 80, I still can't believe I actually got there!
My sugars? My usual lows and highs but have HG etc. of 5.8. Probably told you that but so what! The sunshine is out now but the forecast is for 4 days solid rain. Thinking of moving to Hawaii. Thinking mind you!

Johanna is still bossing me around and it is still dangerous to get near the kitchen for me or risk being put to work! Really enjoying my Beethoven and Mozart on DVD.
No, silly, only their music, they are good and dead by now! WOW, really!

Your friendly neighborhood JOHNBEN. __________________

Wow it gets so busy it makes me nervous!! One at a time please! LOL.

JB, rushed of my feet!