I always wish I could get out riding more and my weekends complete sucked with my sisters graduation and destination wedding eating up 5 great weekends. However I have ridden over 1000 miles so far this year! I’m at 1160 as of today. How about you, how many miles have you logged this year???

About 300 :slight_smile: But it’s 300 more than last year… lol!

I have 2500 miles this year. It is my first year riding. When I start something I usually get into it. I wish I could ride faster. I ride with a group. I can’t keep up with the fast group ( ave 19 to 23 mph ) I am with the second group ( 17 mph ). We usually ride 30 to 35 miles at a time with 3 to 4 big hills. I will be doing Pedal to the Point next weekend. It is an 175 mile ride over 2 days. It a fun raiser for MS.

Exactly! Way to go and with plenty of great riding days left!

Best of luck in your ride John! We have yet to run into each other in the valley! Do you ride with the Akron Bike Club peeps???

My jaw hit the floor Paul! That’s great!!! You and John are tearing it up! How often in a week do you get out? I need to set a schedule and stick to it rain or shine! I’ve signed up for a few late summer/fall MTB races so you’ll see my training miles pile up here. Keep you the incredible work! You might hit 5,000 by the end of the year!!! :slight_smile:

Cleveland touring club. We ride 2 to 3 times a week.

Mike you are right. My goal this year was to do 3 tours…and the last one is a 12 mile family ride on the 23rd. So hey…that’s good enough right? I think I am around 400 miles or so which isn’t too bad considering I purchase this new bike in May and was not cycling at all last year! I would like to ride well into the fall…

Only 531. But I’ve got 782 running miles.

The club has 6 rides a week . I ride 2 to 3 times a week with them. I ride a total of 4 times a week. http://www.clevelandtouringclub.org/ My daughter is running with her cross country team in the morning. They use the trails in Cuyahoga valley. They run around 8 am. On Sat they run on the tow path. I have been bring my bike an riding for an hour or more. Sometimes I run on the trails. One parent power walks so fast I have to run to keep up.

That’s great!!! Better than good enough! Good luck on your ride the 23rd.

WHHHAT?!?!? I ran 3 miles the other day and walked funny for 2 days after!

Very cool, keep it up!!!

Not sure how many miles I logged on the Excelle – odo reset due to battery change, but probably under 100. I have the Dolce less than 2 weeks and I’m at about 67 on it (which is more than I expected, but perhaps less than I should be riding). Still building up time/distance/speed and trying to get over the “exceeded distance capability” fears :wink: – Making the transition from thinking a couple of miles is a haul to a couple of miles is just “out to the store” – Longest ride so far (since university!) is 13.5 mi round trip to the bank – Loving the clipless cleats – Trying to decide where I need to or want to go today…

Awesome! I think you should go riding! That’s always my vote!

Got through the main stuff too late to go out (don’t like to hassle with rush hour traffic) and have a bunch of straightening up to do around the house. So taking it as a day off and see how things roll out tomorrow (much moving around of stuff expected) and Sunday (mid-afternoon meeting). Hmm. If nothing else, can always consider a quick early-morning hop to the farmer’s market…

Wow! That’s incredible!!! I don’t know how you do it!!! :slight_smile:

I did 1,000+ my first year of biking and about the same the second year. This year I had a minor surgery that had me off the bike for six loooooonnnnngggg weeks. It also took the best riding weeks where I could get in a good ride and still be at the office by eight.

I think I’m right around 2500. I’ve changed Cyclometers so I have to merge some logs to get an exact number. Last year was over 3500!

Well, I’m getting more serious about this cyclying thing so have logged 2200 miles since March and have a total of 3100 for the year. I got a real road bike in March and starting riding with a group sometimes. I’ve done 2 century rides including the Hotter n Hell in Wichita Falls, TX on Aug 29, will ride the MS150 in Oklahoma this month (150 miles in two days), and another century ride in Oct. With all the training in between, it adds up fast. I ride a 18 to 19 mph avg. And I still make sure family priorities are first so do a lot of early morning stuff. But I feel great, have lost 15 lbs this summer, and BG control is much improved. My Omnipod helps a lot with that…it’s great for cyclists IMHO. Take care Mike, and keep riding.

I hit 500 last weekend… now that it’s not so hot I expect to be racking up the miles even faster… I might just make it to 1000 this year!