I topped out at 317 this morning. Ugg….what the heck did she eat you ask? Well a cup (yes I measured) of cereal with Almond Delight ‘milk’. And NO it wasn’t ‘sugar-are-us’ cereal, it was Fiber One and frankly I should be able to eat a damn bowl of cereal without my ending up feeling like I’ve been run over by the truck. ~sigh~

I just ate 1.23oz of oatmeal (no sugar just plain old oatmeal) and I’ll test again in a little while to see how my body handles it. Hopefully the oatmeal will put a stop to the nose dive my BG always does after I’ve been that high.

I have no energy at all….I’m peeing like a race horse and I’m battling dizziness and nausea….all normal symptoms (for me anyway) of my roller coaster BG.

I’m feeling very frustrated….there are days when no matter what I eat I can’t get my BG over 100. Then there are days when I eat a piece of toast and my numbers shoot to 300. Why is that? And how am I suppose to combat that….it’s not like I know if it’s going to be a good BG day or a bad BG day in advance?

I dont suppose you ate anything differently the day before? If I eat foods high in fat sometimes it makes my blood sugar go high the next day. Or maybe it just did that for no reason which happens to me too and it really sucks. I’m so sorry you feel icky and I hope it gets better!

Nope nothing different…I ate pretty healthy. Diabetes gremlins maybe…or maybe the honeymoon is nearly over.

I tried to eat Fiber One for a while. From a strictly label perspective it looks like it should be ok, possibly even the single best cold cereal out there. But I can’t do it. Just the 1/2 cup serving consistently spikes me above 250 even though insulin brings it down later. And it seems like I can’t deduct all the fiber in it when dosing insulin. Plus I always want more, 1/2 cup is never enough. So I’ve given up.

A few months ago I could eat a cup of it with no problem at all….not anymore. Truly frustrating.

I am going through one of those periods… or I have two bad infusion sites in a row! :S