Trivia Time

THIS CELEBRITY on covers ranked 2nd for selling magazines in 2010 (Sandra Bullock was #1)

Who was it?

Kate Middleton

Angelina Jolie.

Rachel Ray

I don’t care who it is, whatever health advice they have for diabetics has to be totally bogus.

bsc, so you know who it is?

Yes. But I refuse to answer out of shock that this person could be so well liked.


Drew Carey? Halle Berry?

Bret Micheals???

Hint from bsc gives health advice

Dr. Oz?

ding, ding, ding, ding

Not my choice of idol. Next thing you know Jenny McCarthy will be voted “Nations Best Doctor” for her work with autism.

Great trivia as always Karen!


lady gaga

Should I feel bad that I have no idea who Dr. Oz is and would not recognize him/her on a magazine cover?

(Slinks back into her cave…)

OK I just Googled this Oz character and looked at a page of photos of him.

Dare I say that he looks…smarmy?


Smarmy, ha!!

Oh by the way he won a ton of Daytime Emmy’s last night

Dr. Oz is a QUACK! I saw an article in the local newspaper that had some of his suggestions for “preventing” Diabetes. He said that drinking skim milk helps prevent Diabetes and other stuff that was ridiculous. If drinking skim milk prevents Diabetes, why do my mother and I both have some form of diabetes? I used to drink 3 cups of the stuff every day. I don’t drink as much anymore because I’m Borderline. She still does, and she’s severe Type 2. Skim milk prevents Diabetes? When pigs fly!