Twelve Pound Kitty

When this 12 pound kitty lies on my lap between my laptop and my tummy, it is very difficult to type.

hee hee! I hear ya! Mine is 15, and he tries to hug me, and hold my arm hostage when I type. hehe :slight_smile: Gotta love kitties!

at least yours doesn’t do this

My poodle sits on my lap gazing earnestly at the screen as if she can read it. I quite expect her to start typing soon!

I don’t let mine go near the laptop because they like to lick it. I have a squirt bottle to keep them under control. :slight_smile:

You know they like to sit on the laptop because it is warm, right?

Too cute, Richard. Mine only weighs 8 something and she fits perfectly between tummy and laptop. She’s gotten super spoiled since I’ve retired and am home more often. I’m convinced she thinks we are conjoined twins.

What can I say…your kitty is pretty darn cute though!
I try to keep away mine every time I play Facebook games sometimes…he swats the monitor!

What a big smitten! Mine once created a new file.