Twin issues and diabetes?

I have 6 year old twins (fraternal). Abbie was dx last November with type 1. It’s been great for Abbie to have her sister there as support, playmate, etc but I’m a little concerned that LIvia is becoming over-protective of Abbie. Anyone else have twins?


I too have twins. They will be six in May. Annalyse was diagnosed typye 1 a year ago. My other daughter, Julianne, has three of the four markers to potentially get diabetes. Time will tell. She’s in a study now so she has her own “diabetes” time with doctors etc… so I think that has allowed them to be individual with this and not overprotective of the other…we’ve actually had more troubles with Jules because of attention given to Anna. She started wetting the bed…hasn’t done that since 2, wetting at school, never did that. We try really hard to give each individual time to try and help the attention getting. In school, Juianne only protects Anna if she is hurt. Otherwise, they’re just like friends in the class.

I have identical twins, Logan and Gray aged 5. Logan was dx Julyl 2008 with diabetes, and we are waiting on the testing to see if Gray has any markers… Gray is really protective of his brother, but always has been, I think.
Creating special time for each twin seems to work well for us.
hang in there, Jen