Two weeks after going on the pump

I joined this group the same day I went on the pump. I have shared my first day experiences with you on my page and have gotten a lot of encouragement back. I went to my Endo/APRN who manages me on Friday and she downloaded the pump info to her pc and uploaded it to CareLink Pro on the MiniMed website. I have it too but it is the personal version. It it quite intuitive. It shows trends, low bgs and highs and total insulin absorbed. After reviewing she said no changes were needed now and I am good to go until my regular appointment in Jan with the Dr/Endocrinologist. I am not experiencing anymore lows or at least nothing lower than a 80. Had one 44 last week, chalk that one up to miscalculating my carbs. I am Type 2 and before the pump I was injecting close to 200 units of Lantus and Novalog combined per day. Now I am down to about 112 units of Novalog per day average. I have lost 7 pounds since my last Endo appointment in Oct prior to going on pump. I knew I was going on one so I tried to lose some weight first because they say you put on pounds when you go on one. I probably won’t because I am counting carbs and haven’t added any extra food because you can and as they say “Eat anything you want”. I won’t. Well my alarm to check my bg before lunch just went off so I will end it here. Thanks for reading.