Two Years Into This


Diagnosed on June 6, 2005 @ 10.6%, 250lbs

Just went for my annual exam today, the numbers:


HGB A1c 6.3 %

Glucose 118 mg/dL

Total Cholesterol 154

HDL 56

LDL (Calculated) 81

Triglycerides 86

T Chol / HDL Ratio 2.5

BP 128/78 (I think that’s what she said)

Ferritin 368 NG/DL (normal = 22 – 322 NG/DL)

Ferritin or high iron (Hemochromatosis) is my other issue - it has been up to over 900, so this isn't too bad for me.

So far diet & exercise - that's my plan - I can't afford a nurse for anything beyond that!


Those are amazing numbers, C!

I am going in for my checkup tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes.


Wow. Wonderful numbers. I’d love an A1C like that!

Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!


K, values are IN!!


Total Cholesterol 144
HDL 60 (high)
LDL (Calculated) 71
Triglycerides 63
LDL/HDL Ratio 1.2

As far as medication, Bernard, I am taking Vytorin 10/20, which has helped big time with my lipid panel values.

As far as the rest, besides the pump and controlling carbs (under 300 gr per day), ever since I started using, I admit I’ve been able to better manage the whole picture. AND, ever since I posted about my weight, I also started exercising more.


Thanks Bernard, I’ve actually have been slacking of late, don’t think that will last long.

Sunday I’m doing a seven mile walk for Children’s Hospital Boston - hopefully to kick off a round of weight loss (so I’m telling myself). My wife, daughter, son -n-law and a bunch of their friends will be joining in - should be fun.


Manny those #s look GREAT! Keep it up!


Congrats on the great numbers! My husband is T2 and was doing great until G was dx. We just passed G’s 2 year dx anniversary, so I need to focus a little more on my previous “keep Peter alive” plan. :wink: