I will NOT let this be my death sentence.
No blindness, kidney failure, strokes, amputations… NOT going to happen.
I just want to be normal.

Me too!!! Someday we all will ( I’m hopeful)

You are normal… normal for us just happens to include diabetes

Did you just get diagnosed? I was diagnosed on April 1- one month ago! and was totally stunned at first, but now I am learning a lot and have gotten a lot healthier just in a few weeks. Get educated, keep asking questions, find community (here is great) and all will be well.

Nár lagaí Dia do lámh!

I was diagnosed when I was 10. I’m 29 now and doing great - but yeah, I had my hell years - like oh, ages 10-27? Like you, I had those doctors who threatened me with my uncertain future and I threw in the towel. I know your A1c is high and your “normal” is skewed high. I know you’ve faced the worst of the worst as far as both lows (seizures) and highs (DKA). We’re here for you, Sagwabetes.

I know more about how to manage myself thanks to TuDiabetes than I did when I joined here a year ago. I promise you the friendships you make here will help you find a balance between letting things run and running things into the ground. Such good advice, such support.

The best first step is to start small. How often are you testing now? Do you have good insurance coverage for strips so that you can start testing more often? I used to test maybe once or twice a day on a good day - I was up to 12 times a day pretty recently. Now, even with a cgms, I test at least 4 times a day on top of the continuous readings.