Universal Insulin Pump and CGM software


Just got started on Omnipod and Dexcom G4.
Is there a universal software that i can upload my omnipod ratios, bg and basal rates and add my dexcom reading inside also. If the program would offer suggestions also show patterns would be even better.

Does this exist. i now that the animas vibe has that programe because the pump and dexcom are all in one but for me that its 2 different manufactuer.


Geremie - I don't know of any software that can do what you describe. What you run up against is each manufacturer writing their own program that just covers their devices; there is no standard of interoperability.

There are some exceptions to this but it still falls short of true universality. I have an Animas Ping pump and also use the Dexcom G4 CGM. Animas has made a deal with Diasend, a web-based site that can integrate data from Animas, Dexcom, and many glucose meters. It works well for me but it too fences out users of many other brands of devices. It's part of what factors into my decision to stick with Animas. I'm sure that's what their marketing types intended.

What we need as a community is the ability to upload from any brand glucose meter, pump, and CGM to a system that can integrate that data all in one place so we all can start to extract useful information to help us win our individual D struggles. I would also like to be able to upload my pedometer or other exercise monitor and integrate into reports. Diasend does not do that.

And while we're at it, there should be one standard for uploading devices, either one standard cable or one standard wireless communication. This whole issue has been raised at various D meetings that manufacturers attend with PWDs but there's no apparent indication that the manufacturers are sympathetic with this need.

I just went out to the Diasend site and discovered that they are compatible with the Omnipod, too. Here's their list of compatible pumps:

Insulin pumps
Animas - 1200, 1250, 2020, OneTouch Ping, Vibe

Asante - Snap pump

Roche - Accu-Chek Spirit, Spirit Combo

Smiths Medical - Cozmo 1700

Nipro - Amigo

SOOIL - DANA Diabecare R

Insulet - OmniPod

Ypsomed - mylife OmniPod

This is step in the right direction! I find their site very useful and I upload data about once per week. My doctor uses the Diasend service as well.

If you're in the US, you can't currently upload CGM data due to an FDA blackout period. I use the Italian site to do that since the Italians use mg/dl glucose units also.

on the chart do you see the cgm graph on top on the pump setting. so instance if you want to ajust basal. does diasend show you your basal debit and cgm results on same page

Diasend has many different report formats. The basal profile is not directly overlaid with the CGM trace, if that's what you're asking. One report does have 24 CGM trace, a 24 hour blood glucose chart, and then a 24 hour chart showing your basal profile together with bolus doses and carbs consumed. The carb data is only available if you input your meal bolus using carbs to calculate the dose. If you do the math yourself and then just tell the pump to give X number of units then the insulin pump will not know the number of carbs involved.

I'm on vacation now and I failed to bring my Diasend password with me so I'm working from memory here. It wouldn't cost you anything to sign up for an account and view the reports.

I just checked the Diasend site. Go to the main page and click on the "Our Reports" tab. That tab can show 12 sample reports. Go to the 10th one, titled, "Comparison, Day by day."

I tried to do diasend but I didn't know about the CGM blackout in the states. In either case, the software said it had downloaded all of my information, but none of it was accessible when I went to look at reports. For now I am ok with just downloading separately and figuring out what I need to from the Dexcom and Omnipod reports.

The CGM data blackout for the States was supposed to last until Diasend or one of the manufacturers cleared an FDA process. That info is more than 6 months old so I'm not sure if the CGM blackout still exists or not.

Strange that you couldn't see an of your uploaded data. Did you upload your pump and meter data, too? Maybe that's more trouble than it's worth for you. I like their reports more than the various manufacturer reports because of data coming from three sources and the reports integrates the data from all three sources.

Yeah I think you're right Terry, I was really excited to try it out, but it was a complete failure. I didn't even bother calling them and trying to figure it out just didn't want to waste my time. I have been spending way too much time on the phone with customer support from the various D devices I have come to rely on.