Unofficially Getting the Pod!

My dad said I could get it if I wanted it, and I do! Shelly, the rep from Birmingham, AL, called me. Any of you guys use her? Also, she said that for a few months the box of 10 pods will cost $55, and then insurance will cover 100% of it. Will this $55 charge be from the distributor to me or from the insurance company? I'm excited! Is there anything else I need to know? Do I need to call her and set up a time for her to show me how to use it?

I used Shelly. Not sure about your cost. Mine is 20% of the cost so it’s about $50 per month.

That depends on your dr. I use UAB and they made me go through two classes prior to starting on the pod. So it took about a month after I received the pod shipment before I started it.