Upcoming Trip...what to do with my pump and dexcom?

Hi Guys,

I've been using my T-slim for a few months now. I'm loving it. I also use a Dexcom G4 which I also really like. I am going on a cruise in a little over a week, and I can't help but wonder what the heck I should do with my devices! Does anyone have any suggestions on good places to wear these when I'm going to be wearing a bathing suit, shorts, and sunning myself? I feel a little uncomfortable wearing my pump site on my stomach--it looks so clinical! I normally wear my dexcom on my upper thigh. Today I tried putting it on my lower back. So far so good. Does anyone have ideas for better spots to wear these?

have you ever tried to use your butt?
pants should cover that, but i would try it out before the trip, in case you find it uncomfortable.
back of your arm is another option, especially for the dex, as it is not very noticeable there, and i personally think that you forget it thereā€¦
enjoy your trip!!

I would suggest using your butt. Even your swimsuit may cover that depending on how much skin it shows!