Updating Software

I just received an email indicating I should update my Tandem t:slim X2 control IQ software. I currently have 7.3.1 and the update is
Has anyone updated their pump and if so, how did it go?

I have and I love it. It is easy and i do like the remote bolus from my smartphone. Besides I cannot stand to be out of date.



When u do the update steps u will encounter

1: It is required that u take a take a course on how to use the new features. It take about 30 min depending on ur own speed. It is a bit interactive so it is a bit fun. At the end you will take a quiz to move on to the update. The quiz is easy enough if you paid attention.

  1. Download of required software is smooth,

  2. After the updating, my cgm readings were missing. Called Tandem. I just had to start sensor again. It took about 5 min to come back. As the the sensor was warmed up it did not need to do the 2hr warm up process.

  3. You have to redo the cartridge/infusion again depending on how much insulin u have in the cartridge as you are required to reload the cartridge.

. I could have added insulin to the cartridge but I just chose to do a total refresh.

  1. Recheck all ur setting. The time/date sometimes does not work and u have to reset it according to Tandem. Check you max bolus as well. My time and bolus were fine.

I have a cheapo phone so the phone bolus does not work. I would not use it anyway. I wanted the other updates. Good luck

After the fact, I heard that Tandem will send u a video and how to transcript, if u call them.

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I like to wait for folks like you to test drive updates before I update!!

Plan to update this week.
Bolus from phone is not a big deal for me, so wasn’t in any rush.


I did the update. I hated the training because it works almost exactly the way my pump works. Then you need to wait for a code to be sent to you.
It shouldn’t be this hard, but I too like the Mobil bolus feature so I hardly ever need to pull my pump out.

And the new version of the software doesn’t lose connection like the old one did so often.

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Thank you. I am in the middle of the training now. Very tedious.

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Besides being able to bolus from your phone, what other updates are included?

Is it possible to shut off all audio alarms on the pump relating to blood sugar levels?

Does the new Tandem phone app come with a snooze feature that actually works?


I am trying to figure out everything now. I did the required tutorials 2 days ago, but just installed 7.6 software today. I did not expect to have to remove the insulin cartridge or restart CGM. Luckily I kept my code when I changed my Dexcom sensor a few days ago. I don’t know the answers to your questions yet.



Thanks for getting back to me. Upon further research I found the information I was looking for. If you go to this site https://go.tandemdiabetes.com/Field-Correction-Notice-X.6_US.html and click on the link “For more information see t:slim X2 insulin pumps Letter” , you’ll download a PDF explaining all of the pump updates.


Yes, I received that, also. Okay so far I have installed software version 7.6. I have also downloaded the 400 page written document and I have looked at most of it. My pump indicates I have version 7.6. However, after looking at each screen and options with all the drop-down areas, all of them do not match the manual or the tutorials. There seem to be some new areas on my pump, but not all. I will see if I notice more when I use it for boluses, etc. Regarding alarms and alerts, I have tried in the past to disable certain alerts that drive me crazy. I have set my pump to alarm with BG above 300 because I often briefly go above 200 and then drop back down. Even though my pump is set that way, at least once every 24 hours, it alarms for BG 201 or higher. Then it will continue to alarm every 15 minutes if that has not corrected itself. I have no idea to how to make it function the way it is programmed. This is so irritating. I may have to contact Tandem. It just doesn’t make sense.



Your problem with high alerts is the reason why I don’t to use the T:Connect app. I currently use Xdrip+ for my Dexcom. Xdrip+ allows you to disable specific, or all alarms for a designated time period or until you reenable them. Xdrip+ also communicates with my Smart watch, which displays my current glucose, along with arrows to show whether it’s going up or down. The display on the watch is on all of the time and I can see my BG whenever I glance at the watch.

I need to rely on the pump alarms for pump warnings and notices.

It turns out that my Samsung Galaxy S21 phone (model SM-G991U) does not support Bolus delivery. Once I update the pump’s firmware, I’ll uninstall the T:connect app.


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Very interesting. It sounds like you have a good plan.

I typically am not bothered much during the day with alarms. During the first 12-24 hours after a new Dexcom sensor is placed is when I get aggravated with alarms and poor correlation—often at night.

Anyway I wanted to install updated software to be sure my pump is up to date. If I don’t get any new benefits, that’s okay. I only use about 20 units of insulin per day. My HbA1c is around 5.5, never over 6. I don’t plan to use T:mobile app on my phone at this point. I am not sure I see the benefit in that for me. I play a lot of golf and I have my pump in one pocket, golf balls in the other. If my pump and phone have to be near each other, I can see a lot of frustration there. Maybe I will change my mind or later choose to pair phone and pump for other circumstances.

Let me know how things work out for you.


Interesting article from Tandem regarding update.


Everything seems okay with new software. It appears to work correctly regarding the alerts which now are not alarming when I am over 200. Finally it is responding as I have it programmed.


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I wonder if they track how many of their horrible pump holders break at clip. Another 29 bucks shot. The clip is destined to fail.


I never used the pump holder, but I have two and they look pretty flimsy.

Now that I can bolus on my phone I don’t need the clip. I leave it in my pocket.

Tony, It’s happened to me once already. I was just pondering when the next time will be. . I cannot believe they don’t replace them free of charge. They make so much money off of us already. :angry:

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@BeckaBeck Try Type 1 Tactical … most durable pump holsters available


I am refereeing to the ones for 29 dollars at the tandem store. They are destined to break at the clip. First one broke and I got it replaced after raising cane. Now that one broke. They do not care the pump could have fallen and ripped the set out.