US 14 day Libre

I have been frustrated, angry, and slacking in monitoring myself ever since Abbot changed what ever they changed about Libra, making it impossible for their US customers to use a secondary reader and app to use it as a true CMG. Adding salt to the wound, Abbot is a US company and none of the Canadian stores I contacted would send their version of Libra to the US.

Well, I have been hounding the MiaoMiao people since they keep hinting that their reader will soon work with the US 14 day Libra. Although they did respond with a convoluted way to use it with IOS, I have an Apple phone and watch.

Recent reply was that they expect to have MiaoMiao compatible with Åpplè in early November. They said it will work with their Tomatoe app, but no info about when it might work with Spike or anything else out there.

When I asked NightRider about the US 14 day Libra, they never bothered to reply.

Keeping fingers crossed. I really miss having data on my watch and being able to calibrate the readings.

Doubtful Miao will succeed

Hopefully the T2 Libre will be in the USA soon

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@Kailee56 - I’ve changed the spelling of Libre in the title so that others will be able to find your topic when they search. I know Libre is pronounced as “Libra,” so I understand the confusion.

I don’t mean to act as a grammar enforcer but a misspelling in the title makes your post invisible to the TuD search function. I’m sure you’ll get some good feedback here.

uhh no it’s not

Thanks. I can never remember which spelling is the reader and which is the astrological sign. I also think my computer changes the spelling sometimes.

Since they changed the 14 day reader when it became available to the US market, I’m not hopeful they won’t change the Libre 2. I just keep wondering why they do this to the US market, when they are based in the US.

The T2 has high and low alerts

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Wondering why they do what - what have they done that is so bad?

When they discontinued the 10 day reader and only made the US 14 day reader available in the USA, they also changed part of their programming, making NightRider and MiaoMiao readers unable to read. They only made these changes in the USA market. Other markets could still use readers with apps that made Libre function as a CMG at a fraction of the cost of a true CMG. I tried to get Libre’s from Canada and the pharmacies I contacted refused to ship them to the USA

If Abbot had come out with their own reader, I could understand this, but they didn’t. They Just hobbled the functionality of Libre for the USA market, not the world market. Why?!

If your saying that Canadian 14 day sensors work with Miao I guess Abbott is simply evil or the FDA played a hand - they are also evil IMHO

Miao website now states it works with USA 14 day