Vinegar is the New Symlin

It sounds like an Old Wives’ Tale, but another study came out that shows that drinking vinegar before a meal helps control the postprandial rise in glucose.

This new study, published in February 2010 Diabetes Care, had participants consume 30ml of vinegar before meals and found that their postprandial readings went down 20% as compared to placebo.

This study echoes two previous studies that showed a similar benefit after consuming as little as 20ml of vinegar. Somehow vinegar slows the absorption of sugar from a meal into
the bloodstream, apparently because the acetic acid in vinegar helps block digestive

enzymes that converts carbs into sugar. I wonder how regular consumption of vinegar would affect weight.

Is anyone using vinegar as an adjunct therapy?

Be careful of how you drink the vinegar. It will damage the enamel on your teeth.

I have tried this but couldnt keep it up because my stomach began to refuse it. I find apple cider vinegar on a salad was easier to eat.

I think I’d rather use it in things like salad, and making ‘pico de gallo’ for tacos, which uses about 30 ml of vinegar. You know… when I was a kid, they used to make me drink straight lime juice every morning, because according to doctors at dieting centers, that stuff cut fat and calories. While it may or may not be true, what happened was I became disgusted and disgruntled with my diet, and would refuse to eat at all… so then I would lose weight, but out of starvation. Maybe people didn’t want to eat that much anymore after downing so much vinegar before a meal… It’s kind of gross on its own. But with meals, it can have a lot of benefits. I dunno how much of this was due to vinegar in my regular diet, or vinagraittes, but I have lost 51 plbs, and 6 fat percentage points. :slight_smile:

How much is 30ml? How many ounces? Is it safe to drink it straight? I would definitely try it.

Niz–30 ml is equivalent to an ounce.

It’s about 2 tablespoons.

YUMMY!! lol

My mother had a small book back when I was a teen that said that taking apple cidar vinegar before meals would help you lose weight. I tried it for a couple of days and it gave me real problems with heartburn and acid reflux, so I couldn’t use it. My mother didn’t even try it, but my Dad did. I have no idea if it worked as claimed for him, as he never told me. I would love to hear if anyone has success with reducing blood glucose levels with this, it might be worth another try. You were supposed to drink it in warm water. Gag!

I use red wine vinegar a lot more, these days… bit tastier… especially when marinading red meat.

very intersting never though about it myself need to find out more thanks

I have a mild allergy to vinegar so I would not be able to do this… oh well:(

Does this work with any Vinegar i.e. I often use balsamic vinegar on salads, would that work in theory, or is it brand related?