Voodoo Meter!

People imagine that the most painful thing about having diabetes must be the injections, but it’s not so. Even those who are controlled by diet and exercise or pills have to suffer the pain caused by stabbing yourself with a lancet in order to discover your blood glucose levels. Depending on the person and the treatment regime they are on, this might happen between 2 and 12 times a day – for some people even more!

Personally, I test my blood between 4-8 times a day, on waking, before meals and before and after exercise. The thing is, it is rather painful, especially after you have used the same poor fingers a few hundred times! How much better it would be, therefore, if there was a meter that could do a ‘remote’ test – perhaps in the same manner as those Voodoo dolls that you can stick pins in and the person the doll represents feels it, although this time giving the blood glucose levels not the sensation of pain! I’d buy one of those!

Firstly, please let me commend you
On purchasing a Voodoo Meter!
We hope you like the chicken-bone colour,
And the size of it couldn’t be neater!

You’ll notice that there are no lancets,
Just a packet of bright-coloured pins,
And a little cloth doll with some markings
To show where the pins should go in…

Before you start using the meter
Take a lock of your freshly cut hair.
Don’t worry if you are a baldie,
For the hair can come from anywhere!

Tie the hair to the head of the dolly,
Then utter this mystical spell:
‘By the power of the Voodoo Meter
Do your magic, and please do it well!’

Now you are ready for testing,
So take out a bright coloured pin,
Then pick up the doll by the scruff of the neck,
And without hesitation, stick it in!

In an instant you will see on your meter
Your levels – without any pain!
And what’s better, the pins are recyclable –
You can wash them and use them again!

Alan - ROFLMAO!!

BTW, I test my BG’s about the same amount of times a day as you - but so far - touch wood - no problems with fingers. I don’t use the pads of my fingers tho’ (nerve endings galore there) - just the side bits. I guess it helps that I’ve got plumpish fingers! Also, I use a blood meter that uses the smallest droplet of blood on the market (correct me if I’m wrong). That’s a big helper with the Voodo doll technique! LOL

Anna - aka FatCatAnna at Diabetes1.org

I want a doll just like yours! I was in to give blood today and they took three vials. That hurt MUCH less and injections hurt much , much less that that stupid pin prick that shouldn’t hurt. Why can’t come one come up with a finer needle and a better way to check. Let’s work on that, because my fingers are black and blue, and doing it on my arm, made my arm look like I was mainlining drugs.