Wahoo and a breakfast question

So I had my appointment today – I was diagnosed in early November and had a A1B of 12.5. My latest test last week came in at 7.5. I’ve lost some weight and feel much better. The Endo is incredibly happy and glad that I focus on any patterns and keep monitoring my levels. Now here’s the catch – I tend to spike at breakfast. I understand that your IR tends to be highest in the morning. The other thing is, while I have been good about watching the carbs, I still love my bowl of cereal in the morning – Kashi 7 grain flakes, oatmeal, cream of wheat, even low carb english muffins – it all spikes me. (The odd thing that doesn’t – croissants – I am not kidding – I am betting its the butter:-) ) I don’t like eggs and am having a problem coming up with good breakfast ideas. THoughts?

Good Heavens, croissants !!! My favorite thing to eat. If those don’t spike you, keep it up and eat one great big one for me. Please!!! Sorry i don’t have other suggestions. Those just make even my eyes water when i see the word.


Even Kashi is high in carbs. But at least you have good quality carbs. You must try to combine it with protein now. Like … ta da! PEANUT BUTTER!! String cheese; a bit of ham; lean sausage; or just a 2 TBSP serving of peanut butter. I bet croissants aren’t good for you either in that they are high FAT. I have the same problem remembering protein.

But, dearie, you’ve made progress. Congrats on your victories and work on those challenges.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

excellent work on the A1! As per the spikes, make sure to wait a bit after taking your meds before eating. Ask your endo for a recommendation as to how long to wait.

Also, careful with the butter. The fat content can cause you to have an elevated BS level that hangs around longer. The fat interferes with the insulin’s ability to more effectively deal with the carbs, if I understand the process correctly.

Because of the high butter content croissants are much less soluble in the mouth’s saliva than the other carbs. The enzymes in the saliva turn starch into blood sugar immediately that is why all the unbuttered stuff spikes you.


I am SO going to go buy dozens of croissants. We used to get these frozen ones from Williams-Sonoma that were heavenly.

And I’m slathering butter on everything too. It’s for my health! :slight_smile:

Tim, I also may be wrong, but I think it’s the other way around, that a certain amount of fat actually helps slow down carb absorption.

One thing I eat every day for breakfast is 1/2 cup plain yogurt, which is pretty low in carbs in that amount, with a little sweetener and a handful of berries. Yogurt is good for you in many ways, and the few carbs it contains in this moderate amount seem worth it for those benefits.

Do you ever add granola? Is granola a major spike inducer?

Well my Endo said to drown my whole grain toast in Canola or some other veggie oil with the intent that if it is greassy it takes more time to dissolve. I dont think he likes saturated fats. I am not sure that they matter so much. For a few weeks before my recent lipids profile I was eating cheese like crazy and the results were the same if not a bit better.

The croissants are a real morale booster and may be really good for you. I dont dare as I would eat the whole dozen. I can control the amount of pistachios I eat but croissants forget it.

Congrats on the new A1C! I’ve been trying to think of non-egg, non-carb breakfast foods but haven’t really thought of anything. I like eggs though. Just feeling a bit tired of them. I suppose we could eat non-traditional breakfast foods but that doesn’t seem so appealing to me.

In the interest of science though, I think I’m going to have to get some croissants and see how they affect me :slight_smile:

I may try to make my own granola with rolled oats and some veggy oil and bake it in the oven. In the days of the dinosaurs I used to add raisins and honey not a good idea now. I add mushed flax seed to the yogurt for some harmless carbing.

Sometimes I eat a can of sardines. Available in many preparations.

Yeah, my CDE mentioned the whole “mix fat/protein with carbs to slow down the digestion” thing. Heck if I can ever tell the difference, and I’m more than happy to slather everything I eat in butter.

Lately I’m all over the place. Sometimes something is fine for me, I’ll eat the same thing a few days later and get some crazy spike.

Adding a handful of granola would be a good way to get that sense of cereal, but it would add carbs. You could try it with and without and see what it does for you. I really like cereal but have pretty much given it up as I am trying to stay as low-carb as possible.

I was also thinking yesterday that you could try eating your cereal later in the day, say as an evening snack, if eating it in the morning adds to an already high morning blood sugar reading. Maybe it would be easier on you later in the day, and you’d still get that cereal fix.

Yeah, I’m thinking about croissants too. :slight_smile: What about cheese instead of eggs for breakfast. Or…just because I’m still afraid to have eggs every day, every other day I eat an Atkins breakfast bar. It’s not as “natural” as other foods, but it’s low in carbs, so I eat it dipped into my yogurt.

Cheese is very diabetic friendly except for the saturated fats. However remember that nothing makes your lipids as bad as high blood sugar.

Congrats on the A1 reading! That is fantastic. Other than eggs, sometimes I’ll have turkey sausage with some cheese. I also am trying to do low-carb at breakfast since I usually wake up with numbers between 125-140. Of course, croissants sound a lot better!


I miss cereal. Here’ s a healthy, delicious low carb substitute with lots of fiber & Omega 3s. I eat it with unsweetened almond milk. You can add peanut butter to make it into snack bars or balls.

1 cup 9.5 carbs
3/4 cup 7.1 carbs
1/2 cup 4.7 carbs

Flax Seed And Nut Granola
1 cup flax seeds
1 cup sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1 cup chopped pecans
1 cup chopped walnuts
1 cup chopped almonds (I use slivered almonds)
3 ounces butter – melted (I use coconut oil–3 ounces)
3 teaspoons cinnamon
2 teaspoons vanilla powder (I used vanilla extract)—you can also use maple extract
3 packets of Splenda ( I used stevia–just a little)

In a large roasting pan mix everything together. Toast in 325 degees oven for a half hour, stirring every 10 minutes. When cooled, store in glass jar.

congrats on the A1c and all your efforts.
thanks Gerri for the recipe. I love eating shredded wheat but it spikes my sugar.
this cereal or croissant sounds like a great breakfast.