Water protector for Tslim

Help, I am used to the completely waterproof Animas. Now I have the Tslim and want to go back to water exercise class. I think the Tslim is water resistant, but maybe I need to put it in some kind of waterproof bag. Open to suggestions.

I don’t have a t:slim, but it’s the pump I’m looking at next. My understanding is that it’s waterproof and approved for swimming? If not, then that eliminates it as a choice for me.

I would call customer service. I can’t remember exactly what they told me. Waterproof up to 30 ft deep and 30 minutes, or something like that. It may have been even more time. Mine has been submerged many times, though, and keeps on ticking.

For me, the t:slim charger flap has stopped closing and that happened with a couple of them. At that point, I am pretty sure it is not even water resistant. Might want to ask them about a solution to that issue too if it ever arises on your t:slim over time.

I’ve used a Aquapac for swimming (not diving to any depth.) On the UK site they describe model 158A as an insulin pump case, but in the USA store they call it a microphone case (but the URL still says insulin pump. Who knows.) Check the dimensions to make sure your pump will fit in the bag.

It looks like it’s available from Amazon too. Lots of reviews from pumpers at https://www.amazon.com/Aquapac-158-Radio-Mic-Case/dp/B0044M102M/

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I think it is water resistant, something different than waterproof. I originally got the Animas with the knowledge that, at least at that time, it was the only actual waterproof pump. I think water resistant means it is okay for a certain period of time at a certain depth. However, I am very sceptical about taking it into a water exercise class without further protection.