Weird Thirst

I am very familiar with high blood glucose causing an unusual thirst (and lots of trips to the loo) but lately I’ve been working really hard on my BG control – dropping my average glucose by about half over the past couple of months – and I’m experiencing MORE thirst at an average BG of 124 mg/dl than I did when my average was over 250.


I feel like I can’t drink enough water, especially on work days. Maybe the ventilation at my new job is desiccating me, like one of those food dryers? Am I turning into a Jean-flavored prune? Eeek.

I drank about nine cups of water between 4 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and by the time I got back to my car, I felt like I hadn’t had any water all day.

It’s very odd.

Could just be very dry air in your new office, if you’re not eating salty or spicy foods, drinking a lot of caffeine, or taking meds that are causing dehydration. NSAIDS can cause thirst. You should contact your doctor if it continues for a serum sodium & kidney tests.

@ Gerri - thanks for your suggestions. Upon more careful reflection I’m pretty sure it’s the air at my new job. I work in offices that are part of a vast factory that should have chemical odors but has almost none. My take on that is super-sonic ventilation, which no doubt results in super-dry air. I just need to double up on my water intake while at work. If I drink about two cups of water as soon as I get home, I’m fine for the rest of the night. Now I know why I’ve been feeling so drained in the afternoons and early evening. I have to set an alarm on my computer at work to remind me to DRINK during the day and not let myself get so dehydrated.