What are your diabetes log app recommendations? NOT MySugr, please

I’ve been using blood glucose tracker, it’s a pretty manual app thatican be used to track BP, food intake, and rx.

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@Dylan_Sutton I actually have Predict BGL already. My endo recommended it, and I tried it because I trust him and his recs. It’s a bit too much. I really just want something simpler: a log that talks to other apps. MySugr does that a little bit. Sugarmate sounds good a good option. I went to their app page, and it looked good.

Thanks, @anon69390768! OneDrop now has two votes, and they have a strip purchasing system too. They’re the front-runner.

@Eugenia Is blood glucose tracker an iOS app? When I search for that it pulls up a long list but nothing that’s specifically named that.

I’m so irritated with MySugr now, but, of course, I’m still using the app because = habit. Also, I’ve not made a choice, so it will do for now. Let’s hope they don’t lose my data again in the meantime.

I have found one recently called glucose. Good for insulin users

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Thanks, @Jll.

Hope ypu love it . You can also tell a1c I’ve also been tracking food w app called lose it. It will also do glucose with premium version.

Yes. Android. Only drawback is no login, so I use the export feature regularly.

My sugar is good tho :stuck_out_tongue:

But bg monitor is my favourite!

I know that this isn’t what you are looking for, but I have always found the simplest thing to be a little notebook in my purse where I write everything down.

I find it easier to write things while driving than to enter data into my phone.

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@mohe0001 you are old school! Try Tidepool…free and has an app for Co text notes. Plus you are able to donate data for research anonymously.


I am using TP, El_Ver. Its great.
I’m actually having trouble w/ paper records right now.
I need a new way to manage the data. I’m kinda stuck, but working on it.
I have a terrible present for you. I’ll send via message.

Thanks. :slight_smile: I used to keep written logs way back when as I’m old enough to have been around previous to smartphones, apps, and cloud computing. That’s not what I’m looking for. The functionality is great with all the apps that can talk to each other, and it makes it easier for me to also share info with my medical team, especially my endo.

I suppose. If you can’t find anything you like, maybe you should design something and put it out there onto the web for someone else to build.

Maybe it wasn’t your intent, but that felt a little aggressive. I know that if I found nothing acceptable that I could take steps to build one. :slightly_smiling_face:

I asked because I wanted to see what options were out there that I was unaware of. It ended up that a couple people listed options that I already knew about.

There are plenty of apps out there, including mySugr, which, for now, I’ve decided to stick with since I’ve got a meter that it talks to and know the interface well. I’ve been using it for a couple of years.

Lesson learned: I’ll have to not take automation for granted and stay on top of making sure it’s working as it should. It wasn’t all a wash because I do have my Dexcom Clarity data and my endo has records from my quarterly visits to him. It was shocking and frustrating to have a glitch wipe all of the data I entered clean. It made sense for me to look around.

Maybe I’ll also update the thread I started on mySugr eventually.

Oh, I could see how it might sound aggressive.

I didn’t intend it to. I just feel like it would be nice if stuff was more customized to each of us. Like, we have some many different methods we use as individuals.

Its a lot of work to build. But, maybe some kid would take up the initiative. This site is crawling with grad students, lately, it seems like. Grad students need projects.

You talking about the outage? I’m still down. I was sorta lucky that I was running paper records. I just happened to have fine tuned the system before it went down. Dumb luck

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I figured it might have not been meant to be aggressive. Thanks for confirming that.

Honestly? After looking at all the other options, mySugr suits me the best. I’m not 100% sure what caused the glitch, but I had the app on two phones. For some reason one over wrote the other. What was frustrating was I didn’t understand why they didn’t have some code that would prevent newer data from being overwritten.

It feels like they were resting on the assumption that users only have one device. I don’t think that makes sense. What if you’re a parent and you and your spouse use it to manage a child? Both parents would log into the same account to enter data and, eventually, the child would.

Outside of that frustrating error, mySugr works really well for me. I have over 150 test strips for the meter that talks to their system, so I’m in at least until I run out of strips and have to make a decision whether I switch to One Drop or not.

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This happened to me on a business planning app and it lost my entire plan in one fell swoop that I had been working on for months. I feel your pain.

Yikes, Sorry. If you didn’t report it, you should. @Scott_K_Johnson works with them.

I told them that they had ONE JOB. To make sure my data was secure, and they failed. They asked me for some info, but it feels like the concept of multiple devices tripped them up and got my data wiped. I’m a few weeks out now, so I’ve accepted it.

I know this can happen. Remember the days of backing things up? Well, that went out of the window with cloud computing.

Hopefully, you’re back on track now.

Thats a horrible failure, you two. Ouch. It hasn’t happened to me yet. But, its only a matter of time until it does.

That’s the thing, they need the feedback. Then they can troubleshoot and figure out what they need to fix. That way it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Hopefully, it won’t happen to you or anyone else because they’ve patched it up.

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It’s a few weeks out. Once I calmed down, I decided to stick with MySugr. Had I noticed that I wasn’t getting weekly reports anymore, I would have discovered it earlier.

However, I finally had to make a change. Things are still financially challenging for me, and I went to start up my MySugr subscription again. They require payment of three months in advance, and I just couldn’t afford it. In contrast, OneDrop’s bar to get started was much lower.

I’ve heard great things about OneDrop, and they have the same features as MySugr, including an app and coaching if you want it. It was a very easy sell. I signed up earlier this week, and I received my kit today.

There it is.

I hope everyone is watching their health and staying healthy in the midst of this coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic. It’s scary times right now. Please take care of yourselves, your family, and your communities.