What do you do when you want a hot drink?


Oh! You Guys!!!
I didnt know there was soooo much to a hot drink:) or that matter soups too.
I seem to be ok with my veggie soups that I make. I do make them in a Vita Mix using fresh veggies. Sometimes I make them totally raw to get the extra enzymes.
Yes, I do have some circulatory problems…I got a case of frostbite as a child and it seems my hands and feet suffered a bit there. I also have tedonitus and R.A. yuck…for being so young with this mess!
I’m enjoying all the new thoughts from foods and choices! I also use alot of almonds,walnuts and pecans for the protein and as substitute milk ( as less fat more proteins.)
Keep it coming:)
Hey! Did I see “waffles” mentioned? Recipe please?


That is so kind of you. do you know if those flours are available here?


You might be able to buy them at Whole Food stores. I buy ground flax seed from bulkfoods.com and nut flours from nuts4u. com but you can also just ground the whole grain or nuts in a coffee grinder. I substitute them 50/50 for regular flour. I get some recipes from aboutlowcarbdiets.com, others from low carb cookbooks and some I just make up by myself. I rarely use a recipe without tweaking it and that’s how I come up with some of my favorite things. The other day I made some cream cheese frosting for low carb muffins. I made more than I needed and so decided to try to make a “raspberry cheesecake” ice cream. I put one cup of frozen raspberries in the food processor with 1 cup of the cream cheese frosting ( blend 8 ounces of softened cream cheese with 1 cup of whipped cream, add 1 teaspoon vanilla and1/4 cup artificial sweetener) The result was a delicious creamy frozen mousse. my husband couldn’t believe it was low carb and it was really easy to make.


I know almond flour is, because I bought it at Tesco’s when I was over there. I think it’s called almond meal. I’m not sure about ground flax, but I expect you can buy whole flax seed and grind it yourself. Flax is REALLY good for you and it does make nice nutty muffins if you mix it with the softer nut flours.


Flax Seed Muffins/Waffles
• 1 cup ground flax seed
• 1 cup almond flour
• 1 T baking powder
• 1/4 t salt
• 1/4 t nutmeg
• 1 t cinnamon
• Artificial sweetener - 1/2 cup equivalent - zero carb (such as liquid) preferred- I omit the sweetener if I’m making waffles
• 1/2 cup (I stick) butter, melted
• 2-4 eggs, beaten (or you can separate and beat the whites, that makes them fluffier.)
• 1/2 cup plus 2 T water
Mix dry ingredients then add wet ones. Put a tablespoon of the mixture in each section of a swedish waffle maker. They are crisp and crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
They have less than 4g carbs per waffle but you wouldn’t know that when you try them!


That sounds good enough for supper tonight! Thanks Libby:)
An upside down meal day sounds like fun:)


We often have breakfast for dinner. I make “hash browns” with frozen rutabaga. I joke that frozen vegetables are fast food for diabetics. Let me know what you think of the waffles. My husband thinks I should open a bed and breakfast for diabetic low carbers and others who want to learn more about how delicious raw food and low carb food can be. We live in the lakes region of New Hampshire so I am seriously considering it.


UGH! I was gonna substitute Spelt grain for the flax tonight…but dear Whole Foods will get to replace my grain that I bought there. (bugs in it!) sigh…
There are a few places I can only afford to go to once a month or longer.This was a “priviledge” place for me.I actually called and they will replace the grain… it is just that I have to drive a 15 passenger van ( my family car) to go. With gas this high… well, I’m going just to teach my kids it’s ok to return things when they need to… ( a lesson in returns and being polite at the same time.)
Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to do the pancakes;)
by the way … that does sound like an awesome idea! A break to let someone else do the carb,protein and sugar counting! Time for a vacation!
I wish. LOL! Your house big enough for a family of 8? hee hee!


Libby…if you are making muffins, how long do you bake them…at what temp? Sounds yummy…thanks.

I would love to come to your New Hampshire Low Carb B&B. I live in S FL so reserve me a room in the Summer!


Do you mean 50% ground flax and 50% ground nuts for the flour called for?
Libby…I would buy your cookbook…we could sell it on this site.


Yes. Substitute one cup of flax and one of nut flour for two of wheat flour.
I will let you know if I ever have enough recipes for a cookbook.


I bake them for about 20 minutes at 350.


If I can save enough from my pension to cross the Atlantic, I’ll be one of your visitors.
i particularly love raw cauliflower. I put little bits into mixed salads and some people tthink I’m crazy until they taste it.


I’ll keep my eyes open. I have been on to Tescos to ask them to stock low-carb products, but you probably know that the low-carb movement is totally underground here. Even low-sugar( which acually isn’t) is hard to find. I can’t find the Da Vinci syrups at all except mail order, which costs the earth.


Thanks for the recipe, Libby. We love pumpkin muffins…can I add some pumpkin to the muffin batter? Maybe reduce some butter? I guess pumpkin is too high carb? What else have you added to the muffins? Berries?
PS… a while back, in response to my whining, you suggested dosing my insulin aggressively (my term, not yours,) ahead of time in order to sneak in some fruit. I have been doing that, Thanks
PPS any tricks that make milk less likely to cause spikes? I’d really enjoy my muffins, then!


I just looked up rutabaga and found it’s what we call "swede"If you love the taste of mashed potatoes, but not the carbs, It’s possible to make a puree of Potato and swede mixed. Has all the flavour, but far fewer carbs. You can even add carrots, which are not as high in available carbs as some books suggest. In Britain, we measure available carbs separately from fibre. Americans measure total carbs, including indigestible fibre in the total. I cook carrots, sliced into 2mm discs and put into the microwave with butter, but no water. they’re done when soft and shiny and taste wonderful.


Have you tried making a nutmilk (or nutmylk cuz it’s a sub.)
Take about 12 almonds and toss them in the blender with 2 cups of water.
Then, strain out the nutmeat.
To make it taste good at a touch of Agave or Stevia or whatever sweetner you like. If I’m making a smoothie I dont bother with the sweetner cuz the fruit does it. If I’m making alfredo I add organic yeast flakes and seasalt.(( I make the alfredo sauce to go over the top of the veggie spaghetti squash)


I will try this, Meadowlark. I am just loving all these food tips. Thanks


When I was growing up mashed carrots and swedes were one of my favourite foods. I had forgotten that until now!


It’s wonderful isn’t it?