What do you do when you want a hot drink?


Another hot drink idea. Hot water with lemon juice and a few drops of Strawberry flavouring from the baking goods department. Can use sweetener or not as suits you.


Use a high fat content milk. the cream dilutes the lactose.


AHA!!! Now I know. LOL!
I made a nutmylk,whey protein,banana drink and had a great blood sugar number.
The next day I did Whole cows milk (straight from the cow) 8 ounces measured out with one scoop of whey protein and my numbers sky rocketed!(without the banana!) UGH!!! Great difference ( about 70 points.) lesson learned.


Sorry! I thought it should work. I’ve never tried it, because I’ve disliked milky drinks since I was a child


Could it be the caffeine that’s causing your numbers to spike? I know a lot of people get a 50-60 point spike from plain coffee. There are lots of herbal teas naturally without caffeine. My favorite is orange-spice. I also like to make my own mint tea with mint leaves and hot water. And if salt isn’t a problem for you, hot broth makes a good drink.


For all of you Da Vinci users…I’ve just gotten back from Target and their Archer Farms sugar free coffee syrups say they have 0 carbs…the sweetener is sugralose. It is made in Canada. Do you suppose it is the same product?


Different brand, probably the same product type. Sounds like something to check into next time I’m at Target… though to tell the truth, I have bottles of this stuff that have been lying around the house for years… I take my coffee black, and I rarely make steamers (frothed, flavored, heated skim milk) at home.


I didn’t buy it as I wasn’t sure what I’d use it for. They had the sugar free in vanilla, not my fav, and hazelnut…great in coffee, but I don’t drink flavored coffee at home. I’ll have to go back and see what our creative chefs have recommended using it in…I know someone puts it in yogurt…maybe baking?


I put it on my “cereal” (toasted nuts, sprouted whole oats and barley) with yogurt and fresh berries. I use vanilla, french vanilla or pancake flavors for that. I also use it when I am making low-carb truffles- raspberry, orange and hazelnut are my favorites for truffles.


Whoa…think I need the truffle recipe. Are you sure you don’t have enough for a cookbook?


I posted these before but for those who missed them:
The basic recipe is
3.5 ounces 85% dark chocolate (one bar- Lindt or Black and Greens)
2 T butter
2 T whipping cream
2 T Da Vinci sugar free syrup (raspberry, orange, hazelnut, or Kahlua)
Chopped, toasted hazelnuts, unsweetened cocoa, coconut flakes (optional)

Melt the butter and chocolate in a double boiler. Cool slightly and stir in the cream and sweetener. Refrigerate for an hour and form into balls, rolling in cocoa, nuts or coconut to taste.
I usually make about 16 and since there are only 25g carbs in the whole bar of chocolate, each truffle is less than 2g carbs.
These are really good. I am a chocoholic and was finding the dark chocolate to be a bit too bitter. The addition of the cream and sweetener smooths out the taste and the flavoring makes them taste like the real thing. Lindt truffles are 15g a piece so these allow you to have 2 or 3 and really feel indulgent.


Thanks Libby…I am entertaining this weekend. I am T1 and one of my guests is T2…and a few people are watching carbs for their weight…perfect dessert!


Hi Libby,
You are a wonder. Thanks so much for the recipe. I am sure a lot of people are following this conversation and will really enjoy these. I would love to see any collection of recipes you put together. I would buy six copies immediately. I need one for my brother in law, my son in law, three of my kids and one for me. As soon as you go to press, please let us all know. Thanks again.


I flavour my coffee at home wih a couple of drops of Vanilla essence. I can’t find the syrups anywhere near me. Once the Atkins diet was killed here in Britain, most low-carb stuff disappeared from the shelves. the low carb crispbreads recommended by Bernstein are availble only in health food shops and to get to them, I need to go into the town centre. I use my free bus pass for that, but it all takes time. I make a “low” carb sauce for my yoghurt from low sugar fruit preserves, but there’s still sugar there. Still I walk a lot of it off. Yesterday evening, I was getting ready to go out to the hospital to visit my daughter, who has symphisis pubis dysfunction and is a week overdue for the birth of her baby. I realised that I wasn’t fit to drive, so I ate a “regular” biscuit (cookie). BG at bedtime was then 5.7 (126) Not too bad to get through the night on. Mind you, with dawn phenomenon, it was the same this morning. I’ve had Greek yoghurt with the fruit sauce for breakfast. Now I must get on with the sewing I’ve been putting off.


I drink Harney & Sons Cinnamon Hot Spice Tea. I get it on line. It tastes so good you don’t need to add anything to it. Maybe the cinnamon even helps lower my BG??? Not likely, but give it a try!



Hana, can you find vanilla extract there in UK? The extract is sold in small bottles in the baking aisle, it’s about a 35% alcohol extraction. Again, you should only need a few drops to flavor the coffee. It will have a vanilla scent, a touch of a vanilla taste, without the sweetness of vanilla sugar.

Another thing that will “sweeten” the taste of coffee, especially if you make it by the pot, is to infuse a cinnamon stick in the pot. Don’t leave it in more than a half-hour, though, or the cinnamon will overpower the coffee. (Don’t use ground cinnamon – it will affect the texture of the coffee, foul up the coffee-pot, and overpower the taste of the coffee.)


The vanilla essence from the home baking department is what I do buy. It comes in tiny bottles. I sweeten with Splenda and at least once a day I add whipped cream to my cofee and have it Viennese style. I haven’t tried cinnamon. I also buy the tiny bottles of lemon flavouring, which I put in tea and sometimes the strawberry. what I miss is tea with lemon and honey.I used to love it on a cold winter’s day. That and hot buttered toast, which I no longer have either. these delights I have voluntarily given up for the sake of those numbers and my health. At 61 I’ve never been fitter.


Celestial herb teas have some great flavors that are quote cozy and require very little sweetening.
The BlueBerry is wonderful, as is the Tangerine Zinger. Go buy a few boxes and give them a try.


I think the DaVinci syrups have either spenda or asparatame,don’t they? I don’t have any to check.
I saw the post about Archer Farms at Target and it says it has sugralose in it. How is that different?



Blueberry hot tea. Celestial seasonings has this flavor and oh my it tastes good good.