What do you have for breakfast?

Now I know that seems like a simple question to some…but for me it is a complicated question of timing and “what”. First, I will tell you I am type II; on Metformin 2000 mg a day, Amaryl 290 mg a day, I do exercise, which complicates breakfast, and I do watch my BG’s. Enough background info.

Breakfast is complicated for me, and although I can handle Lunch and Dinner and Snacks just fine, the first meal of the day, and the one I like the most, AND the most important one still eludes me. I swim early in the AM; typically I will have a protein drink, no sugar, no fat…as far as I know, before I go, gotta have something in the system. I have some granola bars that I have made that are terrific with lo sugars and no fats. Sometimes I combine, sometimes I do one or the other. By the time I get home, it is 9:00 or 10:00 and I need to EAT breakfast… consider the before swimming a snack. When it is that late, and I have to shower and dress, it’s getting closer to lunch…and I’m in a quandry, do I eat breakfast and what? or do I wait for lunch and have what I would normally eat?

Then the question, of WHAT exactly do you eat for breakfast? I would love to say I have eggs, toast, juice, Canadian Bacon, etc…but that would be lying…I can only dream of those kinds of breakfasts now.

I have to fit breakfast in to a weigh loss program, too, so quandries all over the place. Just tell me what you eat…

Well, my breakfast isnt one that many would like.

I only have coffee and 1 cup of 2% milk added to cups of coffee
I only eat a amall banana or 2 pieces of string cheese.
I am not a fan of cooking in the morning.

If you go to the discussion “What have you had to eat today” some people on there eat very good in the morning, maybe some helpful tips. “Mommy to twin monkeys”…now she is a good example of what to eat in the am…and she eats well, but small portions.
Hope this helps.

Now, when I win the lottery…I will have a chef make me a wonderful breakfast!

I love breakfast. And I love cooking…And I try my best to find time preparing breakfast for my husband and I.

Sometimes I make poached egg, wheat toasts aand 3 slices of bacon. A healthy mushroom, bell pepper, low fat cheese omelet is also delicious: Or a serving of turkey bacon, a slice of cinammon toast and a small fruit. You can also try whole wheat pita pockets, scrambled egg whites or egg subsitute, or eggs according to your allowances, then add goodies like onions, peppers, and mushrooms. A simple breakfast for me is oatmeal with fruits (banana or berries).

Did I just say I love to cook? LOL.
Hope this helps a bit :slight_smile:

Yummmmmmmmmm Teena!

A desperate-trying hard cook here, LOL!

usually i’ll eat a Fiber One bar or piece of fruit

You can have my chef…he’s great at breakfasts, but not so sure that it would be good for your health.

I love to cook too, but during the week time is a factor. The breakfasts that you described are lovely, and I would do those on the weekends. Yummy, cinnamon toast, and cinnamon is good for numbers, I’ll have to remember that.

Christina, that’s my breakfast before I go to the pool. But I am afraid that after not eating all night, I have to have something more when I get home. And like I said, time is short between 10:00 and work and lunch. We’ll figure something out.

I have 50g of Lizi’s Granola from the UK company The Good Carb Food Company http://www.good-carb-food.co.uk/ … It is low GI and blood glucose friendly and I didn’t believe it until I tried it. It keeps me going from 7.30 until 12 quite happily.

Oh, and it’s gorgeous! Especially the Organic version.

I generally have my regular breakfast of eggs scrambled with chillis, onions and tomatoes (actually called Huevos Mexicana), a latte and one slice of toast. I have not found any cereals I can eat (yet, I plan on scoping out low carb options now that I’m back in California). I couldn’t touch juice, that would be treatment for a low for me. One of my favorite breakfasts used to be yogurt, fruit and granola and that is a sure trip over the 200 mark for me. Surprisingly I’m fine with my favorite weekend breakfast of eggs benedict (vegetarian version with asparagus and tomatoes). Definitely NOT low fat. My other favorite weekend breakfast is an omelette with home fries and the home fries sometimes make it but sometimes not in terms of target range blood sugar. I don’t have DP so I need to have my latte then eat about an hour later so I’m not too low.

I usually have two eggs, some cheese & turkey bacon. I’ve got to stay high protein, low carb in the morning because of dawn phenonmenon & to keep from being hungry later on.

The breakfast that gives me the lowest bg numbers is cottage cheese, fresh berries, cinnamon and almonds. About 2 x a week I’ll make eggs with mushrooms, spinach and chees and bacon and low carb toast. Once in a while I’ll make french toast with low carb bread ( 5 c a slice) and slice strawberries or blueberries on top. Once in a while I’ll make a whey powder smoothies with frozen berries and soymilk.

Now those I can handle. I forget about cottage cheese, it is so spendy here, but considering the other things I could have it’s cheap. Thanks for the ideas!

Zoe, maybe a couple of my breakfast regulars would help you. When I went low-carb I switched from orange juice to tomato juice…very low-carb and gives you that feeling of wake-me-up juice, also lots of vitamin C. And I switched from flavored yogurts to 1/2 cup plain yogurt with a bit of sweetener and a few berries (also low-carb) mixed in. I don’t think I’d even want to go back to commercially flavored yogurt now. (I do love oj, but now I save it for treating lows.)

Ellie, that sounds great don’t know if I could go to Tomato juice for breakfast though, but willing to give it a try, how does V8 juice work…

V8 should be great too. I don’t drink V8 because it has onions in it and I don’t tolerate onions well. But yeah.

Hey Cathy - I know for me - breakfast has always been a hard thing for me to swallow. I generally have just an Americano, slice of baguette, cheese or peanut butter and if my blood sugars are okay - some OJ. Maybe if I worked out like you do - I would be more into having breakfast? I know though that it’s been inforced into all of us (diabetic or not) - that of all meals - breakfast is the one meal not to miss out. My body just hasn’t seemed to learn that after all these years.

I guess your exercise complicates your breakfast because of how late you eat it? I am trying to understand. I would almost think that having a protein drink would be good enough to keep me going until noon time. Again, I’m not a big exercise buff (should be - need to lose some weight).

Anyway, good luck with your weight loss program. I wonder if there is a group here for diabetics trying to lose weight? Hmmm, will go and search for that abit later.

Anna from Montreal aka FatCatAnna http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog