What happens when Gen 4 comes out

I have a MM for about another year. So no integration for me yet.

I am trying the Dex 7+ right now, loaner from clinic. Im sure I will go ahead and buy. But if Gen 4 comes out in a couple more months will I have use for this receiver? Do I just buy a new transmitter, or will I need a new receiver too? Is there usually and upgrade price?

It won’t be a few months. The latest Dexcom earnings report says it’ll be sometime in 2012. Warranties for CGM are only a year and it easily could be that long before Gen4 launches. As you mentioned you’d be alright anyway because existing customers will surely be offered an upgrade price. And with your pump still having another year on its warranty, it looks like you will be positioned to consider a Dex integrated pump with Animas or Omnipod (if that appeals to you).

So are you trying CGM for first time? Pretty amazing, huh?

2nd time, i tried my friends when she was prego 2 years ago, I HATED it! Huge needle and poor results. I do believe it was a stepping stone in the right direction though.

Dex has been in for <24 hours so far and I am in LOVE! And rumors of it getting even better?!?!?! Yes, that is pretty amazing!

Of course I will try to stretch out the sensor as long as I can. Right now I am on the loaner from my clinic, just to be sure I like it before I buy (YES!) I have some old M3000 and Tegaderm. I see Flexifix mentioned. Any preferences? Im going to AZ next week and plan to be in the sun, pool and hiking, any tips? Tips for flying?

Are the sensor needles smaller than they were 2 yrs ago? I loved it back when I started the Dex 3 and then upgraded to the 7 but then couldn’t afford it anymore. Got insurance aproval and waiting on my kit to get here on Monday. What all has changed?

Dex rocks for us too, I’m kind of in awe that Gen 4 will be even better :slight_smile: Love it. I wouldn’t wait for the next one either, get the 7+ now and enjoy it. The FDA is mighty slow right now.

Went to the Diabetes Expo in Seattle yesterday. Unlike last year’s Dexcom wasn’t there, but Animas was. Not sure why Dex didn’t go. Wanted to get the latest on the timeline. Don, thanks for that information.I thought the webcast with that info wasn’t until this coming week?

DexCom mentioned in yesterday’s earnings call that they expect to file an application for the Gen4 sensor late this summer. There was no speculation about when the Gen4 sensor will be available in the US.

I listened to the webcast yesterday too. Did you catch the part where they were somewhat surprised that even users who had 100% coverage of the sensors kept them going past the approved 7 days? We all know that the value of having a well-trained sensor is priceless–why yank it out when it’s being sooo good!

I can understand that a casual observer might come up with such a reasoning. Out of the blue, so to speak. For me the first day is always the worst. I dread the first day. I have to force myself to start a new sensor after 2 weeks. I agree that DexCom should have known that.

I wonder whether the Gen4 kit will have a hard stop build into it. DexCom mentioned a lifespan indicator. This could be an ISIG meter going by a different name. DexCom would have the ability to shut off the sensor at end-of-life (ISIG too low). Maybe DexCom will only resort to an annoying warning and hope that enough users will fall for that.

etta v

I totally agree with you about “why yank it out when it’s being sooo good”. I recently had a sensor that was in for 34 days and still giving me good readings. I yanked it because the adhesive was itching my skin and I was afraid to leave it in much longer.

34 days, wow! That sounds like a record to me :slight_smile: